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DOOGEE will launch a bigger battery phone: Doogee BL7000

5000mAh battery is not enough for you? Doogee BL7000 will be released with 7000mAh Battery

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The smartphone manufacturer DOOGEE has achieved their success for its DOOGEE BL5000. Which got its name with 5050mAh polymer battery. This cellphone is largely popular in the cellphone market with its 8 curved sides in appearance, and all the buyers praise the amazing in-hand touch. DOOGEE BL5000 is powered by android 7.0, carrying 13.0 MP dual rear camera. But today i received news about a new device by Doogee that will have a 7060mAh Huge battery. This device will be the new phone from the BL series and will be called Doogee BL7000.


Doogee BL7000
Doogee BL7000



Starting a pre-sale in AliExpress last week wih the price as low as $139.99, BL5000 has gained enough attention and great selling stats.




Now the second round of pre-sale is on with the price of $148.79 until Aug. 7th. There are also news released that the official launch will be in the mid-Auguest soon.




However DOOGEE will launch a new product called Doogee BL7000. Dual camera lined up vertically in the rear will be positive. Except from this, Doogee BL7000 will have a great different in appearance compared with BL5000.




Doogee BL7000 is designed in a luxury and simple way targeting the high-end market


With beautiful leather grain in the Battery cover, BL7000 is designed in a luxury and simple way targeting the high-end market.



Other configuration of BL7000 is not clear now, but we are positive that it would house a mid-end CPU and large storage, Android 7.0.



We are very looking forward to see this product. DOOGEE claimed BL7000 will come out this month, so are you ready for a mobile phone with super battery?