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OUKITEL K10000 Pro factory test video

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As the first week starts for the last half year of 2017, OUKITEL K10000 Pro continues offering super energy. This time we have got an extraordinary and cool product video and factory test video for K10000 Pro.


OUKITEL K10000 Pro factory test video




As we already knew, OUKITEL K10000 Pro gets 5.5 inch FHD display with corning gorilla glass on the front, while for the back cover, K10000 Pro uses real Australian calf leather for perfect hand feel and qualified texture.


OUKITEL K10000 Pro factory test video
OUKITEL K10000 Pro factory test video



Qualified products results in qualified products. OUKITEL K10000 Pro has got a handed body because of strict quality control and tens of exquisite testing before and after factory production.

Each time before the first batch devices and after each massive production, K10000 Pro sample devices are tested in the lab.



More than 40 tests, the video only shows partial lab tests:

  • 70℃ high temperature test for 48 hours
  • roller test for 1,000 circles
  • drop test from 50 cm for 16 times
  • moist corrosion test for 48 hours
  • body twist test for 2,000 times
  • USB port plug in and out test for 3,000 times
  • body soft pressure test for 3,0000 times
  • micro drop test for 10,000 times

OUKITEL K10000 Pro is now selling on many platforms, self-managed store like Gearbest, Aliexpress stores, Amazon stores. Many seller store has stocked K10000 Pro in European warehouses to offer faster shipment.