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OUKITEL K6000 Plus fight with Ulefone Power 2

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Recently, 2 similar smartphones OUKITEL K6000 Plus and Ulefone Power 2 have been quite popular among the same level. Ulefone Power 2 and OUKITEL K6000 Plus  has got same chipset and same RAM and ROM. Similar battery capacity and similar design, but who wins if compare them together? Oukitel released a video where we can see OUKITEL K6000 Plus fight with Ulefone Power 2.



Ulefone official also took the video showing Power 2 is better than K6000 Plus. But if we look at the video carefully, we can see that the video compares under unfair conditions. Here OUKITEL takes comparison video under same condition.

OUKITEL K6000 Plus fight with Ulefone Power 2 Video:


It has been a long time since these two devices went to market, so both the two devices are updated to the latest software version.

First comparison is the charging speed. We already know that K6000 Plus has got 6080mAh battery and a 12V/2A quick charger, Power 2 got 6050mAh and 9V/2A charger. When we compare the charging speed, we consumed the power totally to turn off automatically. Then we found that due to some consideration, ulefone power 2 set the device to turn off automatically while it is 7% power. So when starting, it first shows 7%, but you can’t turn it on while it is 7%.



The video checked the power in 20 minutes, 40 minutes, 50 minutes, 1 hour, 80 minutes, and 100 minutes, we can see clearly that K6000 Plus charger is faster than Power 2 charger. After optimizing, K6000 Plus can be fully charged from 0% to 100% in 82 minutes now, and Ulefone power 2 is charged from 7% to 100% in 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The video also compares the camera, it takes photos in outside for different scenes including red flower, green leaf, daily goods, zoom in state, grass, trees, sea, sky, white flower, yellow pistil and moving scene. By different scene comparison, we can see that K6000 Plus gets better control in color and brightness.

It also measures the thickness and weight. With larger battery capacity, K6000 Plus gets thinner body and lighter weight. That depends on the density of battery and craft for manufacturing. To see is to believe, OUKITEL has better experience in manufacturing massive battery smartphones. As a hot seller, K6000 Plus is selected to join the Smartphone Week on Aliexpress to offer flash sale at $162.68.