All you need to know about the new DOOGEE BL5000

A combination of HUAWEI Honor 9 and Honor Magic with eight full curved sides design.

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The smartphone manufacturer DOOGEE has gained great success worldwide for its famous full display product MIX. Well, recently, it has announced that it will release a new model called “ DOOGEE BL5000”. The model will definitely shock everybody for its eight full curved sides as same as Honor 9 and Honor magic.

doogee BL5000
Doogee BL5000


Now, let’s have a deeper analysis of DOOGEE BL5000. It’s the latest product from DOOGEE. What is stunned is that it is a combination of Honor 9 and Honor Magic. The shining glassy back cover looks like Honor 9, and it also adopts the eight curves design of Honor Magic. As for its rear camera, it is equipped with the group of “camera one + LED flash +camera two”, lining up vertically. It attracts many people’s attention that DOOGEE is able to release such an amazing model with accurate and luxury appearance.

Actually, DOOGEE have released a stunning product DOOGEE MIX recently, which is similar to XIAOMI MIX and SAMSUNG S8. It let this fast-growing brand quickly occupied the major technology headlines. While the BL5000, the newest one, it make breakthroughs in smartphone design again. The back cover is produced with enough luster, so it reflects glassy radiance with every movements. When you take a glance at BL5000, you may find that the radiance is similar to Honor 9. Meanwhile, both sides of BL5000 are covered with 3D glass, more rounded and bulbous than normal 2.5D glass. It is a similar design you can see in Honor Magic.

When considering its specifications, DOOGEE has not announced many details. But we can make sure that it’s MediaTek CPU. Applying large capacity battery of 5050mAh, dual 13MP rear camera and 8-core processor. It’s absolutely a great model that balanced appearance and performance. What’s better, the price is also very friendly. If you don’t want to spend too much money on buying Honor 9 and Honor Magic, I think DOOGEE BL5000 will satisfy your mind mostly.

10 free units will be given away to subscribers


Now the beauty is on pre-order, and 10 free units will be given away to subscribers. Also the popular DOOGEE MIX is on sale in AliExpress. If you show the screenshot of your MIX order in DOOGEE forum will increase the chance of winning BL5000.