Here’s All You Need To Know About Overwatch’s New Character “Ashe”!

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The much-awaited BlizzCon 2018 is now over and as expected we do have some good news for Overwatch fans. A new gameplay character named “Ashe” was announced at BlizzCon and today we bring you more details on the character, its gameplay techniques, and how you can start playing BlizzCon as Ashe.

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About Ashe in Overwatch

Name: Elizabeth Caledonia “Calamity” Ashe.

Occupation: Gang Leader, Thief.

Age: 39.

Affiliated to: Deadlock Gang.

Base of Operations: Deadlock Gorge, Arizona State, United States of America.

Abilities of Ashe in Overwatch

Below are the abilities and weapons used by Ashe in Overwatch.

  1. The Viper:
    The Viper is a semi-automatic rifle used by Ashe and can be used for quick shots. Ashe can also aim down using the gun for precise shots and improved damage.
  2. Coach Gun:
    Coach Gun allows Ashe to blast the enemies who are in front and bring herself back for high mobility.
  3. O.B:
    B.O.B stands for “Big Omnic Butler” or “Big Omnic Bodyguard” as per Blizzard (Overwatch’s Developer). B.O.B is Ashe’s sidekick and when summoned B.O.B knocks the enemies into the air and uses the cannons in his arm to shoot them.
  4. Dynamite:
    Ashe uses dynamites that detonates shortly after being thrown or immediately when shot at. The dynamites lights all the enemies in its area on fire and deals damage upon enemies over time.

How to Play as Ashe in Overwatch?

The Overwatch gameplay character Ashe is now available to play on PC under PTR (Public Test Region). If you are not under PTR, then just follow the steps below to change your region in Overwatch to PTR:

  1. In order to change region in Overwatch, first load the launcher on your PC.
  2. After loading the game, you will be able to find the “Region/Account” option above the Overwatch Play logo and click on the same.
  3. Within the “Region/Account” drop-down, select the “Public Test Region” option.

And you have now successfully changed Overwatch region to PTR.


Future Overwatch Heroes

Blizzard is currently working on several heroes for the Overwatch game and they will be announced one by one in the upcoming months.

During BlizzCon 2018, BlizzCon released an Overwatch animated short movie called “Reunion”, where we got a glimpse of the heroes that we can expect Blizzard to announce for Overwatch in the future, with Ashe being the latest release among them.

According to Jeff Kaplan (game director for Overwatch), there are six heroes for Overwatch being worked on currently.

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Final Words

We hope that the above article was helpful to you in understanding much about the newest Overwatch gameplay character Ashe.

If you have unlocked Ashe in Overwatch and started playing using the character, then do leave your experience and review of the character as comments below.