Best Android Apps for Business

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The many advantages of Android smartphones that make them useful in the day to day life need no introduction. However, Android smartphones find use in a variety of other ways. One particular field in which they are being used very much these days is business. Instead or carrying a laptop around all day, Android smartphones have become the go-to device, thanks to a number of apps on the Play Store that help people conduct business. Today, we’ve rounded up some of the best Android apps for business. Also if you are looking to improve your business make sure to get a Virtual Insurance Service.

  1. Basecamp

A project management app, Basecamp allows a manager or team leader to allot tasks to other people and keep a track on their progress. The app can also be used to communicate with your team members and compile performance data for analysis.

  1. Cloud Print

A wireless printing app, Cloud Print is one of the best apps out on the Android Play Store that makes wireless printing an easy job for you. The app not only let you print important documents wirelessly over the local network or the internet, you can also share images and other documents with your contacts.

  1. Invoice2go Pro

As the name suggests, the Invoice2go Pro apps helps you keep the monetary aspect of your business up and running even when you’re on the go. The apps helps you keep a track of the money paid, received and owed and even generate electronic invoices for the same. You can also save hard copies of receipts and other documents, sign documents, make appointments etc. on this app.

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  1. Slack

Bringing down the dependency on emails for day-to-day conversation, Slack is a team chat app that lets you create channels for different topics or teams. You can add unlimited number of people in the channels which is very practical for large organizations. The app also allows files of any format to be shared, which is another great feature.

  1. Evernote

One of the best notepad apps available on the Play Store, Evernote is also one of the most popular apps across all categories. The app lets you take down notes, prepare checklists, organize web articles and share it all with your contacts.

  1. Google Drive

Another app that needs no introduction, Google Drive is Google’s cloud based storage platform. You can save your files, pictures, videos etc. from any device onto the cloud and then access them from any device with an internet connection. Yu can also store the files online and share them with your contacts without you having to upload it and them having to download it every time.

  1. Skype

The most popular app for video calling, Skype is the preferred tools by business owners and professionals. The app also offers group video calling which makes it ideal for businesses having multiple locations to hold conferences easily.


So, these were some great apps for business owners, which can help them increase their productivity, and help them go through their day. If you think their must have been any other app to make the list. DO let us know in the comments below.