Everything you need to know about USB disk security!

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USB drives since the beginning have been the most convenient form of tool used for data storage. In fact, even 20 years later, we see them in the hands of many, without facing total elimination. When USB drives came in, they quickly settled in and eventually replaced anything that was previously used including floppy disks or other small storage capacity devices.

This software uses the password protection feature to restrict any emerging threats. Whether you confidential or basic information stored on your system, drive, etc. USB Block covers it for you when you are notaround.

USB Secure by Newsoftwares.net is a unique kind of a software that works to eliminate the threats emerging towards the data stored in the portable drives.

To activate the security, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Insert your USB drive into the PC, run the setup of USB secure and install it on your portable drive.
  2. Later, once the installation is finished, run the application directly.
  3. Note: if the software were already installed, than an auto play feature would be prompted giving you two options:
  4. Open USB-Drive
  5. Protect This-Drive
  6. Tap on the ‘Protect This USB Drive’ option, create and set a password, and proceed further.
  7. Moving on, tap on the ‘OK’ button to finally end the installation process.
  8. Sit back, relax and find constant peace of mind knowing your drives and the data stored in them are not exposed to any threats, anymore.
  9. The program prompts for the password every time an unauthorized USB drive is accessed on the computer where USB Block is installed. If correct password is entered, only then the plugged-in USB drive will get full access to your data. Furthermore, the program maintains a list of authorized devices so that you will not be prompted for the password when the devices from Authorize List will plug into your computer. In this way, you can allow your own USB drives and other portable devices to access your files and folders while blocking unauthorized access of all other devices, which do not belong to you.

Block them as well:

However, these devices are so small; they impose a threat over us. One way is that the data we store into it is not safe in all conditions. Secondly, the same devices while in the possession of others can be inserted in your PC,laptop etc. to take away what was once yours. Either way, if the security is breached and your data compromised, you could rush to the nearest computer repairs bowen hills and try to salvage what you can from the drive.

How you can prevent them? The processes are as follows:

  1. First, download and install USB block on your system
  2. Run the program, create and set password and proceed
  3. Tap on ‘OK’ after entering the password
  4. Move to ‘Control Center’ tab, where you would give the option to restrict/block devices that are suspicious and impose a threat to the data stored in your PC.

Know that the USB ports would remain blocked by default. However, you can remove these settings by deactivating tit from the ‘Control Center’ tab.

Simply uncheck the option of ‘Block USB Devices’ to turn this feature off.

In order to restrict any particular drive, simply check the relevant box. Doing so would make that type of device unable to access your PC.

USB Block as a result asks the user to provide a password as soon as a device is inserted. Hence, the password if correct entered gives access to the drives and folders while a wrong password restricts that very user.

In order to add any device to the list of authorized devices, tap or check the box ‘Remember (add to Authorize list).Hence, you can save time and effort by accessing your devices quickly by ‘whitelisting’ them and restricting all other devices that are not yours.