The Umidigi One: a Budget Beauty with Global 4G Bands

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It isn’t that long ago that Umidigi, one of the more popular Chinese brands, launched their Z2 Flagship device. Now if you want the same stunning look and don’t want to break the bank here’s your chance! Umidigi has started the pre-order for their latest smartphones: The Umidigi One. A budget beauty with global 4G bands. There are not many Chinese phones under the $150 marker that come with global 4G, so that’s sweet. Now let’s take a closer look what else we can expect from the Umidigi One.

Like I stated before, the phone a looking just gorgeous. Just like its big brother the Z2, the Umidigi One comes with a notch design. Now whether you like it or not, the notch doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so we might as well embrace it. And be honest: with a screen-to-body ratio of almost 90% it’s not so hard to embrace. The screen of the Umidigi One is a 5.99 inch IPS LCD panel but with the footprint of a 5.2 inch device. This will make the phone easy to hold or to carry and yet you’ll be able to enjoy a big screen.


Umidigi One: a Budget Beauty with Global 4G Bands

Under the Hood

Under the hood the Umidigi One will be powered by the Mediatek Helio P23 processor, clocked at 2.0 GHz. The Umidigi One will come with an internal storage of 32GB. There will also be a Umidigi One Pro version  that will be sporting 64GB ROM. The Pro version will also have some other small differences, but more about those later. The graphical support on both the One and the One Pro will come from the ARM Mali G71 (MP2 700MHz) chipset. So that is also on par with most midrange devices in 2018. Another interesting feature will be the side mounted fingerprint scanner like we have seen on the Meizu M6S.

Umidigi One: a Budget Beauty with Global 4G Bands

The Umidigi One and One Pro will be running on (almost) stock Android Oreo 8.1. In all fairness I’m very glad Umidigi decided to drop their terrible idea of their own Umi OS. Now for the battery, that is another thing that differs in the Pro version. The ‘regular’ version comes with a 3350mAh battery and the Pro version will carry a 3250mAh battery. And in case you think I accidentally switched numbers, no! The Pro version has indeed a slightly smaller battery but will come with the option to charge wireless with 15W . And it  can also charge with 18W through the charging cable. The regular model can fast charge up to 10W, so that’s the difference there. The last difference between the One and One Pro is the Pro version comes with NFC.


Umidigi One: a Budget Beauty with Global 4G Bands


Huawei Inspired Beauty?

Another thing why I think the Umidigi One is one of the most good looking budget phones of the moment is no doubt the colour schemes it comes in. The phone will be available in a black/greyish Carbon Fiber look and in a gradient Purple-to-turqoise version. Ofcourse we have to admit the latter is very inspired on the Huawei P20, but that doesn’t make it look any less beautiful. The back is definitely a fingerprint magnet, but that’s the price you have to be willing to pay for so much AWE 😉

Umidigi One: a Budget Beauty with Global 4G Bands



Than there’s the camera’s. That’s the part I have to most doubts about to be honest. The manufacturer claims it will be a 12MP (f/2.0) and 5MP dual camera set up, making use of the OV12870 sensor. But since we have seen that even in the twice as expensive Z2 flagship the dual camera is more like a single camera with a software generated circle of blur… I reckon the chances of having a depth-in-field real dual camera set up on the $150,- budget model is out of the question. And that’s where, for me,  Umidigi is loosing it every time. They should finally step up to the game and realize other brands manage to sell REAL dual camera’s for that same price. So it can be done!

Umidigi One: a Budget Beauty with Global 4G Bands

Price and Availability

But maybe I’m judging to fast, since the phone is in pre-order at the moment and we haven’t had the chance to view a single real picture taken by the Umidigi One, we should wait. Maybe that OV12870 sensor will blow us away, but I seriously doubt that. What will blow you away for sure is going to be the sound of the Umidigi One, since this is going to be one of the first of the budgetphones out there that actually comes with a stereo sound system. So yeah that’s definitely not bad for a budget phone. Well so far the preview of the Umidigi One. I would definitely consider getting one espescially for the introduction price of only $ 139 from Banggood. I will provide you with the link for both the Umidigi One and the Umidigi One Pro right here. Please be aware that both links are for PRE-ORDERING and it might take some waiting before you actually receive the phone.


Umidigi One: a Budget Beauty with Global 4G Bands