Meizu’s unexpected surprise: The Meizu X8 with SD710?

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It has been quiet an adventurous year for Meizu. The popular Chinese brand has been releasing a brandnew line of devices this year. Of course all eyes are pointed towards the Meizu 16. That phone is going to be released any day now. But there’s another Meizu device on the horizon! Meizu’s unexpected surprise: The Meizu X8!

High End Soc?

And from what we now by now, the Meizu X8 could turn out to be one of the most interesting smartphones of 2018. So let’s list what we already now to begin. The Meizu X8 will most probably be powered by none other than the newest Snapdragon 710 processor. This SoC is based on a 10nm process node, uses a Kryo 360 architecture, an octa-core design, and a clock speed of 2.2GHz. There is also an integrated Adreno 616 GPU. In this configuration the Meizu X8 should score around 180-200K. in the AnTuTu Benchmark.


Meizu's unexpected surprise: The Meizu X8


Cheapest SD710 phone?

Thanks to Meizu‘s big boss Huang Zhang we also know that the price of the X8 will probably make it the worlds cheapest smartphone using the SD710! There will be at least to versions, probably a 4GB and a 6GB RAM version. We have heard no rumours about the internal storage yet, but we expect the cheapest version to come with 64GB ROM.


Meizu's unexpected surprise: The Meizu X8


Looking good?

Onwards to the looks of the newest Meizu X8. For a while I thought Meizu would be one of the companies that would pass on the whole notch design. But recently leaked images of the Meizu X8 seem to proof otherwise. However, the company managed to keep the notch to an absolute minimum. This also is the case for the other bezels surrounding this semi-flagship device. Another thing noticeable is the lack of a home button. The leaked picture shows on-screen navigation buttons, but Meizu did let us know the mBack system will be there, in the shape of gesture navigation. Sounds fantastic to me.


Meizu's unexpected surprise: The Meizu X8


When will it be launched?

So far there’s no official word from Meizu about the launch date. However there are strong rumours it might be two days from now, on August 8th. We do know this will be the official launch of the Meizu 16.  But come on, wouldn’t the 8th of the 8th not be THE perfect date to launch a device named X8? Of course we asked this, and the only reply we got from Meizu was rather cryptic. They pointed out that two times 8 or 8+8 = 16. Somewhat of a stretch… but yeah, thank you Meizu. I suppose we have to wait until August 8th to see what will happen. But so far I’m fairly exited about this new announced Meizu phone. Especially at this price, this could be finally the phone that puts Meizu on the global map, where they definitely belong!