Blackview BV9000 The King of Rugged Phones… or?

...will the new kid on the block take it's crown?

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I have said this before, and I probably will say it again: Rugged phones are fantastic! In my view they have taken what we can do with smartphone technology to the extreme. How could that not be cool? Summertime with its visits to the swimming pool or beach, the outdoor life is probably the best time to use a rugged phone. We talked about the newest rugged smartphones here on WiredLeaks, like the Oukitel WP5000. Or the Leagoo Xrover.

Today however, we will take a look at the IP68 rated smartphone that has beaten its competition by miles: The Blackview BV9000. This phone is an absolute beast and packed with awesome features. We will get into the juicy details later. But first, I want to explain this will be the first a a two-part review. Like mentioned today the spotlight will be on the Blackview BV9000. The king of rugged phones at this very moment. But there’s a new kid in town!

Blackview BV9000 The King of Rugged Phones... or?
Blackview BV9000

Indeed there’s a new rugged phone soon to be launched that looks like it’s ready to go face to face with the BV9000: The ioutdoor X! Regular readers might have seen the introduction we posted on this device earlier. To be fair, on paper it looks like it might even be ready to beat the BV9000. But will it also in a real hand on situation? Well your reporter is happy to announce that I have won the ioutdoor X in the company’s giveaway!!! That was a cool surprise and ofcourse, I will bring the news to you first! Ofcourse I thank the guys at ioutdoor for the generousity!

a short breakdown of the ioutdoor X rugged phone
The ioutdoor X, is this the newcomer that will take the BV9000’s crown? More soon!

Now, that being said I am also a big fan of the Blackview rugged phones, and the BV9000 is just the most complete rugged phone out there, beating it will take one hell of a job. Now let me enlighten you as to why I think the BV9000 is one of the best rugged devices out there. One would lie if the outside, the design would not be a factor. The Blackview BV9000 looks more like something that fell out of the Batmobile or a Klingon Bird of Prey (full nerd alert going off … I know and: Sod it! I couldn’t care less!) It looks stunning and really like it can handle pretty much everything. Which… it basically can!

Now for the specs: It comes with a Mediatek Helio P25 chipset with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM (unless you’re willing to spend another 50 quid on the 6GB/128GB Pro version). That is not the fastest processor out there but in daily use it’s very swift and fast. What makes the BV9000 great to look at is the octagonal glass that basically makes out the entire front of the device. Yes! The BV9000 comes with a 5.7″ screen in 18:9 ratio.Now even though that sounds very modern and trendy… Keep one thing in mind. In order to protect that gorgeous screen it’s surrounded by bezels that are bigger than on your granny’s phone.

Blackview BV9000 The King of Rugged Phones... or?
The bezels on the Blackview BV9000 are anything but small

The resolution of the gorilla glass protected screen is another definite con of the BV9000 if you ask me. It comes with a 1440 x 720p resolution which is not the greatest on a 5.7 inch screen. Thankfully the screens settings are okay and it comes with MiraVision so you can enhance the quality slightly. The Mali T880 GPU makes sure the graphical side of this rugged beast are more than decent. Throw any game at it and it runs like a dream. There’s only a light theming going on, the OS is rather standard Android for the rest. And you can feel there’s certainly no slowing down going on from that side.

Now let’s quit the nit-picking and nagging and jump straight to the reason anyone would decide to buy a BV9000. Its ruggedness. And that is just top notch. And I am not saying this because I took a crystal vase out of the cupboard, fill it with clean tap water and left the phone in there for 20 minutes, like most reviewers. Neatly, with a blended-in clock in the corner. Nah, if  I get a rugged phone I will test it! I have dropped the BV9000 on concrete floors, threw it down a hardwood staircase and threw it over my shoulder on a sidewalk. There was not the smallest scratch to be found on the extremely well-build body of the Blackview BV9000.

Then the water test. I went to the closest little lake we have, and I decided I would not only do a water test. Instead we decided to shoot some footage under water. Some passing by spectators that caught me with my arm down the water stayed there cause they were wondering what I was doing. Their faces when I pulled my arm back and a mobile phone covered with waterplants emerged… PRICELESS! Ofcourse I wouldn’t withold this footage from you so I will share the link to the entire YouTube Camera Review of the Blackview BV9000 right here:

There is no doubt about it the Blackview BV9000 is the rugged phone with the best camera out there. The dual camera’s are real, the effects are okay and you are able to actually get some pretty decent pictures out of it. Especially if you consider you can take pictures of any situation now, in deep snow, in the pool, surfing, climbing you name it! It also survived a night in my deep freezer and I must say I’ve seen some rugged phones, but I’m still impressed by the sturdiness and build quality of the BV9000. A quality even Blackviews own other models even can’t reach. So yes, this is a very special rugged device leaving the competition miles behind. Will it be able to hold this position or will it loose it’s position to the new kid on the block?

Blackview BV9000 The King of Rugged Phones... or?
The BV9000 has a fantastic build quality

The fast charging is there, the powerful battery is there. And the customizable physical button on the right side of the BV9000 is certainly useful. The only thing I couldn’t relate to, is the somewhat quirky style of the UI. The themed icons are okay, but other dowloaded apps don’t adapt the style. Turning your homescreen into a proper mess in no time. Ofcourse that’s nothing a good old home replacement launcher couldn’t fix.

So in conclusion: I won’t need to much thinking to rate this one. At this time it is, without a doubt the best rugged smartphone under 500 euro price range. So I will give it a 9.2. And like metioned earlier, stay in the rugged mood because we are going to do a hands-on on the most promising newcomer: The ioutdoor X. This is going to be a Battle of the Giants for certain…

And as always we end with some picture samples shot by the Blackview BV9000