OnePlus 6 finally gives Fans a Reason to UPGRADE!

New Snapdragon, New Cameras and New Antutu Record!

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Another year another OnePlus or is it? The successor to OnePlus 5T is finally learning how to get things done and for the first time since OnePlus 3T, OnePlus fans have a real reason to upgrade. Let me break down the OnePlus 6 Release today and why it was worth the wait as I share my thoughts on OnePlus 6 Specifications, cameras and price.

OnePlus 6 Specifications – New Snapdragon and Antutu Record

OnePlus 6 finally gives Fans a Reason to UPGRADE!

More and more people buy phones for their Antutu benchmark scores and OnePlus 6 is a real crowd pleaser there. Offering the best result on the market (but it’s highely likely the chip was overclocked during those tests) and leading Snapdragon 845 Octa Core with UFS2.1 Storage and 6-8GB RAM Configuration available. Battery life for OnePlus 6 will remain good but I think a little more than 3300mAh was needed for the largest OnePlus display ever. That’s right OnePlus 6 comes with a gigantic 6.28-inched 19:9 2280 x 1080 Optic AMOLED panel and yes, a NOTCH!

Naturally, OnePlus kept the headphone jack and USB-C. OnePlus say their phone is Everyday waterproof but fail to disclose a rating which is baffling to say the least and leaves a lot of room for interpretations. Your OP6 will definitely not stop working in the rain or if you drop it in a puddle, but I doubt it will work after 10 minutes under the shower, so don’t try it.

OnePlus 6 finally gives Fans a Reason to UPGRADE!


OnePlus 6 Cameras – OIS IS FINALLY BACK!


OnePlus 6 finally gives Fans a Reason to UPGRADE!

The biggest change in comparison with OP5 and OP5T comes in the camera department but only one of the sensors has changed from OP5T. You still have the 16+20MP Configuration, but the primary 16MP sensor has been change to Sony IMX519 and once again after a long absence features OIS+EIS and that is a serious boost! The second sensor is still Sony IMX376 and the front camera is still the Sony IMX371 from OP5 and 5T, so no upgrades in the Selfie department. Overall, you should expect less noise and more stable videos with the new OIS-enabled IMX519, but again OnePlus 6 Cameras are not even up to par with Samsung S8, let alone S9 or Mate 10 in terms of photo quality.

OnePlus 6 Price – As Lucrative as ever!


OnePlus 6 finally gives Fans a Reason to UPGRADE!

The cheapest OnePlus 6 price is $529 for the 6+64GB version while the 8+128GB will retail for $659 which still a great price for a phone we know will remain fast over time.

You can pre-order OnePlus 6 8+256GB model for $799 right now.