Nubia Z18 First Pictures and AnTuTu Benchmark Score

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Not very long after launching the Nubia Z18 Mini, it seems their latest Flagship is just around the Corner. Since we’ve seen the Z17, I think it’s a pretty safe guess that the device’s name will be Z18. Lately not only a picture of the first completely bezelless smartphone has leaked. Wouldn’t it be a disgrace to our site’s name not to share this picture with you? 😉 Well, no worries. We will!

Right after this! Of course it’s great to have an idea of how the new Nubia will look like.  However as a tech reviewer I’m at least equally interested in what makes the phone tick. And is there a more lovely way to get a  first impression than say.. a Nubia Z18 AnTuTu Benchmark Score?

Even though it might be healthy to take the latter with a grain of salt. A small edit to another benchmark score is easy and we have seen faking benchmark results before. However judging from the quality of the Nubia Z17 Lite I’m using as a daily driver right this very moment, I don’t have any reason to doubt.

If I’m anything: gobsmacked would be the proper word here.  Why? Well I have this bezelless, 6GB RAM, dual camera flagship in my hand the folks at Nubia call a “Lite” version… I can only wonder what that implies for the Z18. Wow! Since Wow! isn’t the best description on a techzine blog, I promise you to upload the hands-on review and the camera review of the Z17 Lite in the near future. All I want to say about it now: It’s one of last years best phones.

Now back to the AnTuTu Score of the upcoming Nubia Z18. It is rumoured to be equipped with Snapdragon’s latest SD845 chip and a whopping 8GB of RAM. Now when we take in account the other SD845 powered devices that are on the market, looking at their AnTuTu score, it makes sense. If Nubia managed to optimize their software to the hardware & added 2 GB of RAM extra the score will be much in the range the picture depicts. For comparison I added a screenshot of the Samsung S9+ AnTuTu Score.


Nubia Z18 AnTuTu Benchmark Score?
Nubia Z18 AnTuTu Score


Nubia Z18 AnTuTu Benchmark Score?
Samsung Galaxy S9+ AnTuTu Score

So looking at these scores on thing’s for sure, the Nubia Z18 is going to be one superfast phone if these specs are correct. And it’s going to be innovative as well, since it will have rounded bezels without borders around the entire phone. And like I promised in the beginning we have a leaked picture to give you an impression. If there’s any more news on the Nubia Z18 we will of course let you know.

Nubia Z18 AnTuTu Benchmark Score?
Look at this beauty, frame;ess Nubia Z18 leak