Samsung S8 Lite China Exclusive released under pressure from Oppo R15 and Vivo X21

Oppo and Vivo finally shake the big boys

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Wonders never cease! Samsung is giving in to pressure from shareholders and was forced to release a new Samsung S8 Lite China exclusive (which makes no sense since Samsung S9 is the current lineup) due to success of Oppo R15 and Vivo X21.

This new Samsung device will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 and features 5.8″ FHD+ (2220 x 1080) 18.5:9 ratio curved Super AMOLED along with 4 +64GB storage configuration, 3000mAh battery, 16MP Rear and 8MP Front cameras and running on Samsung Experience 9.0 on top of Android 8.0.

Samsung pretty much slammed together an A8 (2018) with slightly larger screen and Snapdragon 660 instead of their usual Exynos 7885 chip. How much is it? Samsung S8 Lite price will be $499 which puts it straight against Oppo R15 and Vivo X21.

Frankly, this is a Samsung move that baffles me. Why are they not calling it S9 Lite? Furtheremore, Samsung lost the Chinese market ages ago to Apple then to Oppo. Why now of all times when Chinese phones shipment dropped to a record low? S8 Lite cameras are another lagging factor and won’t be competitive with both Oppo R15 and Vivo X21 due to lack of OIS and larger pixel size. In addition, we already know both Oppo and Vivo will kill it in the Selfie-department. All in all, Samsung S8 Lite China is perhaps a test rather than a shocking move to

Some might argue that it makes a more compelling buy than the A8+ (2018) due to the Snapdragon chip inside, however, I don’t see this phone winning over any Oppo and Vivo fans. On the other hand, it’s nice to know Samsung is feeling the pressure of brands like Oppo and Vivo who have really upped their game in 2018. The likely question is will Samsung release the S8 Lite outside China? I assume more people are willing to buy it here in the West at this price, but should definitely rename it to S9 Lite.