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The New Nubia V18 and it’s specifications released

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Another player has entered the minimal bezel budget arena. Nubia’s V18 has hit the market. And its clearly a competitor to devices like the Meizu M6S and the Xiaomi Redmi 5. All the way down to the single rear camera. Compared to the previous mentioned devices the Nubia V18 seems to follow it’s own design. The device is round every where and looks sturdy with it’s metal body. Let’s take a closer look at the new Nubia V18 and it’s specifications and see if this is a device worth buying. The 6 inch 18:9 Full HD screen looks impressive.

Like said, the Nubia V18  looks really beautiful yet it’s also important what we find under the hood. There we don’t find any revolutionairy things. It runs on the well-known (and proved decent) Snapdragon 625 that is clocked at 2 Ghz backed up by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB ROM. This will guarantee a smooth running system as we know. Basically the same hardware set up we find in the Nubia M2. We will get to the reasons why that’s a better buy (in my opinion) later.

On the back of the Nubia V18 we find great looking U shaped antenna lines and a single 13 MP (f/2.2) camera and flash. The oval shape that surrounds them make them look like a dual camera set up. Not sure what to think of that. But in the end, you need a place to leave the flash, so why not there? Selfies are taken by an 8 MP front camera. The power for the Nubia V18 comes from a powerful 4000 mAh battery and it runs on Android Nougat with nubia UI 5.1. 

So now we’ve established the Nubia V18 is a gorgeous phone, with a modern 18:9 screen ratio and a big 6 inch screen in Full HD resolution. But is it worth buying for a price around the 200 euro marker? Long story short: If a full HD screen in 18:9 ratio is important to you then YES! You will get a very well build device in return. Nubia has build a name for itself over the years of being a trustworthy company. But, and to me that is a big but: If you’re content with a 16:9 screen ratio, the Nubia M2 would be my choice.

Why? It has a Super AMOLED display instead of IPS/LCD. And even more important: It has an actual 13 MP dual camera set up. And considering the fact that there’s hardly any brand out there that comes with such a complete and diverse camera applications (3D photographing, light drawing, cloning camera, star trail etc etc) I think it would be shame not to use it to its fullest. On top of that the front camera on the M2 is a 16 MP sensor so it seems the M2 is the better cameraphone for around 130 to 140 euro!

I will leave you the link spec list and to order both devices, so you can decide for yourself. Ofcourse you can also look up Nubia’s own website if you want more information on both smartphones.

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