Umidigi Z2 and Z2 Pro Hands-on Video appears online

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The pre-sale rounds for the newest Umidigi Budget Killer the A1 Pro have begun just a few days ago. Already the Chinese brand is announcing their next phone: The Umidigi Z2.

There will also be a Pro version of the device, but it’s our understanding that it will have the same physical appearance as the Umidigi Z2. The device will have a huge screen and whether it’s in favour with a lot of users or not, a notch will also be present. Actually I expected the camera on the rear to mimick the iPhone X as well, but to my pleasant surprise they remind me more of the Umidigi S2 set up. Now let’s only hope the look of the set up is the only thing it has in common with the S2. Wouldn’t it be awesome to find a REAL dual camera set up in a Umidigi again? They did it with the Z Pro, so we KNOW they can. Let’s break down what we already know:

Umidigi Z2 and Z2 Pro Hands-on Video appears online

So the Umidigi Z2 will sport a 6.2 inch FHD screen, complete with notch. Think of it what you will, but it seems the notch will be around a lot… at least in 2018. I’m gastly hoping for a different trend to take over in 2019. Yes, you guessed right, I’m not amongst the notch fans. I do realize that is a matter of personal taste however. And in all fairness the Umidigi Z2 and Z2 Pro look just amazing. The newest Umidigi flagship doesn’t only look good, it also has enough power under the hood. The smartphone will be powered by the powerful new MediaTek Helio P60 chipset. This is a powerful, new generation chipset. It can be put in the same segment as the Snapdragon 660.  So even though I think Umidigi should be using the term flagship only once every year, the Z2 could be it.

If only they step up their game where the camera segment is concerned. Because a camera that’s not worthy or gives you a software generated blur around the edges is not flagship worthy. For now we will leave you with the hands on video the company has published recently. Enjoy! More will follow soon.