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Rugged Oukitel WP5000 first Hands-on Video

Oukitel WP5000 is Now on Pre-sale

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After telling you a lot of details about the Oukitel WP5000. We can announce that it can already be purchased officially in the first presale. You can get it from anywhere in the world and in different stores, although all with the same price. We also bring today the Rugged Oukitel WP5000 first Hands-on Video.



Rugged Oukitel WP5000 first Hands-on Video back
Rugged Oukitel WP5000 first Hands-on Video back


It is one of the toughest mobiles in the world, which has a very interesting design to be a terminal that resists almost everything. This Oukitel WP5000 has passed dozens of tests with all kinds of materials. Also, atmospheric conditions so you can take it anywhere in the world. If you are skiing, it will be the perfect phone for you, but also if you go to the mountains a lot or work in a very hot area.


rugged oukitel wp5000 first pre sale
rugged oukitel wp5000 first pre-sale


It does not matter what sport you practice since this WP5000 will be your perfect. It is capable of withstanding temperatures below freezing and being frozen. It can fall from great heights, submerge in boiling water and resist sand or dust. If you were looking for a mobile phone so that you do not have to worry, surely this Oukitel WP5000 is a very good option for you.




If you were thinking about getting a robust device that resists everything. It is possible that the new option of Oukitel will come as a glove. This is the new WP5000, a device that was announced in March and of which we have spoken on several occasions. From today and until April 24 is available for the first time in pre-sale. You can buy it at a lower price than usual, so we recommend you take a look. It seems that there is no limit of units, so until day 24 you can buy it with the reduced price. 


Rugged Oukitel WP5000 first Hands-on Video camera
Rugged Oukitel WP5000 first Hands-on Video camera


It is one of the best manufactured mobile phones with more interesting features. Its screen has an 18: 9 ratio, reaches up to 6 GB of RAM. Also has a double camera and IP68 certification. Although a battery to be able to use it for two days without going through the charger. It is undoubtedly one of the most balanced and also the cheapest mobile phones thanks to the pre-sale offer.



Rugged Oukitel WP5000 first Hands-on Video



From the Oukitel website, you can get this WP5000 for only 220 euros or 269 dollars. You can buy this device practically from anywhere in the world. But only until April 24 for this price. After, Oukitel and associated stores like Banggood or Aliexpress will raise the price.