A short Breakdown of the ioutdoor X Rugged Phone

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Sun is showing up.Spring and summer are knocking on our door. The time of sun, beach and sea begins. New rugged smartphones are about to pop up. And I just have to share this one with you: The ioutdoor X. One thing’s for certain: the name pretty much covers it all. Let’s see what we know about the phone that will hit the market around May 2018 (pre-order). So far on paper it looks really promising. Let’s do a short breakdown of the ioutdoor X rugged phone and share with you that what we already know.

Whether you plan to go out to the beach, or rafting on wild waters it seems the ioutdoor X is a pretty good companion. The phone comes with some security up its sleeve. Water? No problem! Dust? No chance! But it might fall? So what! These are the things we’re looking for in a phone during summer, right?  Well it seems the ioutdoor X has all that. It’s an IP68 certificated device that is water- shock- and dust resisitant. But it doesn’t end there. Cause we all know rugged phones are slow and unfashionable right? Think again!

We already know the ioutdoor X (they insist not to use capital letters by the way do we gladly oblige) will sport the new Helio P23 octa core processor that seems to score rather good in the midrange segment. Accompanied by not less than 6GB of RAM and a whopping 128GB ROM, running out of memory will not be something to worry about. But that’s not all since ioutdoor has obviously decided to give users the latest! The rugged phone comes with Face ID, (stock) Android 8.1 and Quick Charging. On top there is a 18:9 5.7 inch HD+ screen protected by Gorilla Glass 5. 

a short breakdown of the ioutdoor X rugged phone

The camera’s on the ioutdoor X (if the reality matches with the paper) are looking rather impressing too. I think it’s only fair to inform you that I’m always rather cautious to write about camera’s that I haven’t tested yet. However, the smartphone comes with a 16 and an 8 megapixel dual rear camera with an aperture of f/1.8. We have no idea of the sensors used, but you have to admit it looks great on paper! Then there’s the possibility to even shoot pictures and videos under water. Rather cool if you ask me. For the selfie shooter on the front there is a 13 megapixel Sony IMX386 sensor so that should be able to shoot a decent pic too. And, before you ask: yes you can pay using the NFC function of the ioutdoor X as well!



By the first look of it, I would almost say: this is the perfect phone for all your summer adventures. But, PapaDroid is not advising you anything, before it’s tested, and most readers are aware of that. The good news, however is that we will be able to do a full hands-on review for you in the near future. So for now, stay tuned and don’t forget to hit up ioutdoor on Facebook, I have noticed a give away going on, so you might win one for free!

Ofcourse you can also visit their website right here.

a short breakdown of the ioutdoor X rugged phone

a short breakdown of the ioutdoor X rugged phone