First video of the Xiaomi Mi 6X Leaked

reveal the final appearance of the device

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The presentation of the new Xiaomi Mi 6X is falling. However, as often happens with smartphones of the Chinese brand, we already know practically all the features of the most anticipated terminal of the year. This morning the first official images were filtered, and just a few minutes ago the First video of the Xiaomi Mi 6X Leaked to our editorial office, confirming the design of the Xiaomi phone definitively.

First video of the Xiaomi Mi 6X Leaked
First video of the Xiaomi Mi 6X Leaked


If there were any doubts about what the physical appearance of the Xiaomi Mi A2 would look like, the photographs leaked today, added to the video that has just been leaked on YouTube, reveal the new smartphone of the Chinese brand in all its fullness.


This is how the Xiaomi Mi 6X looks in the terminal’s first promotional video

The curse of leaked phones seems to have affected virtually all smartphones presented this year. Xiaomi has been one of the most affected brands. As we saw with the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S and other models of the company. Now it seems that the new 6X will follow in the wake of his older brother. With a video that clears all kinds of doubts about the Xiaomi Mi 6X.


First video of the Xiaomi Mi 6X Leaked



Some aspects to emphasize of the same one are:

  • the reduction of frames of the frontal part
  • the arrangement of the double rear camera


Which is shown in a form similar to the one of the iPhone X. Mentionable is also the variety of colors with which the device will count: red, gold, blue and black, although they expect more as the terminal gains popularity.


First video of the Xiaomi Mi 6X Leaked

At the moment there are no more details of what will be the next Xiaomi Mi A2. Nor can we know if its distribution will be limited to China. Although looking at the history of the previous models of the brand, it is to be expected that it is. With the A2 being the one that arrives in Western countries. And to you, what do you think about the new Mi 6X of the brand? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.