Kirin 980 Antutu Score Leaked – Beats SD845 By Some Margin

New 7nm Kirin SoC Destroys Snapdragon 845 and Apple’s A11 Bionic

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Recently, we saw what appears to be the new Huawei Kirin 980 Antutu Benchmark Score leaked. This Antutu 7 Score is taken from the unannounced Huawei Mate 20 and it puts a lot of salt in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 and Apple’s A11 Bionic‘s eyes.

huawei kirin 980 antutu score benchmarks mobile hardware

With the Snapdragon 845 and Apple’s A11 Bionic cleaning out the now over 6-month-old Kirin 970′s clocks, Huawei have ramped up production to deliver the Mate 20 by August with a new 7nm Kirin 980 chip inside. A few days ago a very legit looking Huawei Mate 20 Antutu score popped up in Chinese social media. Scoring almost 100,000 points more than SD845 which can be seen by comparing the Top Antutu 7 scores in March 2018 image below.

antutu 7 chart april 2018 samsung huawei sony nubia

Obviously, take this with a good dose of salt but I think the score ls 100% legit! Maybe a bit higher than what the final product is going to be, but still legit and here’s why.

Kirin 980 Detailed Analysis – Why It Looks Legit

Huawei’s Kirin 980 is set to use a new GPU (graphics processing unit) for Kirin 980. Samsung and Huawei have been piling ARM Mali cores in their flagships just to get close in Antutu to Adreno and iPhones. However, the sad reality is that they throttle very soon after and fall below the competition. That is coming from a Mate 10 user who can assure you the G-72 in there throttles like crazy! After around 10 mins of gaming, the performance dips in half where the Adreno 530/630 dip by 10-15% only.

Back to the matter at hand, that 360,000 Kirin 980 Antutu score and why I think it’s legit. First of all, thanks to the 7nm process Huawei now can add ~30% more CPU and GPU cores in the same chip size. By doing so they would get to ~280,000 by default just shrinking the 970 and adding more cores. Furthermore, the new chip is likely using the highest clocked A75 cores with 2MB L2 cache (not A77 as those are not even announced). Alongside those A75s there will be at least four A55 cores giving them an overall 20-25% CPU boost over current A73+A53 config. Taking the tally all the way up to 300,000 again by default as seen in the paragraph below.

arm cortex a75 cortex a55 performance mobile hardware

The rest has to be coming from the GPU! With ARM likely to release a successor to the G-72 which is over 10 months old. It’s highly likely Huawei Kirin 980 is using an unannounced New ARM Mali GPU core, rather than a custom GPU. Rumours were circulating in 2015 regarding Huawei working on a custom GPU. However, those were never confirmed by Huawei, so I’m sticking to the new ARM Mali GPU.

Kirin 980 Final Thoughts

My final estimate is that the Kirin 980 Antutu score will be around ~330,000 in a production model. Resulting in a cooler and more efficient battery life. The new Mali G-81(for the lack of a better name) GPU (if it exists) has to be 15%+ more powerful per watt than G-72 to get to 330,000. Which is not far fetches since the G72 was released 11 months ago and is due for an upgrade.

So, I have tried to debunk a lot of those COPY-PASTE “Journalists” with a real technical analysis and why the score is most likely legit. Tell me what you think of the Kirin 980 and its Antutu score? Can Huawei finally topple Apple and Qualcomm?

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