GearBest Makes Xiaomi’s Innovative Gadgets Accessible To A Wider Audience

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With some of the most prolific deals on the market in terms of technology, it’s no surprise why GearBest has become a primary choice for those who want more than just features. It comes with cost efficiency and great value for money too. After all, what’s the point of selling a kidney to buy an advanced smartphone when you can buy a similar gadget for a decent amount of money?


GearBest Makes Xiaomi's Innovative Gadgets Accessible To A Wider Audience
GearBest Makes Xiaomi’s Innovative Gadgets Accessible To A Wider Audience

Established more than a decade ago and with a solid portfolio of technological innovations, Xiaomi has quickly become a front-runner in the Chinese market. Its reliability has extended its popularity way over the Asian market though. People from all over the world rely on the wide variety of choices coming from Xiaomi, from laptops and smart TVs to smartphones and smart home devices.


Unveiling flagship deals


The top-notch Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Watch for Android is certainly one of the flagship deals available over GearBest.  The OLED touchscreen gives it a premium appearance, while the IP67 waterproof grade makes it convenient regardless of the environment. It allows users to take calls, see messages and monitor their sleep and fitness activities.


Interested in turning your home into a smartly run innovation? Look no further! Xiaomi’s Mi Robot Vacuum is still in the first generation and keeps dominating its segment. With a stunning 1800Pa suction power, it can clear things that regular vacuums will require more runs for. It has its own remote control, as well as the possibility to plan routes in an intelligent manner.


Those looking for business related equipment can find a solid deal on Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short Throw 5000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector. It can easily support 4K resolutions and comes with 25,000 hours of lifetime. The 5,000 lumens add to its power, making it ideal for large-scale operations.

The list is longer than that and covers the modern Notebook Air, as well as funky gadgets like Bluetooth smart scales or Bluetooth music car chargers. Most of the flagship deals target the Mi series from Xiaomi.


Shopping smartly with combo deals


The main combo deals on GearBest make great alternatives if you need more than just one item. Furthermore, they save even more money than individual deals. For instance, if you’re interested in the Mi series 5000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector, you’ll get an even better deal if you mix it up with the Xiaomi TV Box – the Mi series. The unit is designed for international customers, so you can choose the type of plug. It runs on the latest Android system and allows playing a wide plethora of games. It has Bluetooth voice remote control and supports HDMI 2.0 and HDR 4K H.265 VP9 Profile-2 4K decoding.


Another good combo deal covers the innovative Xiaomi router and the WiFi 300M amplifier. Coming from Xiaomi, the two gadgets are compatible and boost the WiFi signal throughout the entire house (even a whole office building).


Covering individual needs


The Mi series from Xiaomi goes further than that, while the special deals on GearBest tackle everyone, regardless of their needs. Looking for a new smartphone? The Mi 6 4G Smartphone or the Redmi 5 Plus 4G Phablet will most likely cover your personal necessities. Apart from cooking, they can do pretty much everything.

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How about a cool tablet? The Mi Notebook Air 13.3 is self-explanatory – light like air, fast like air. The same goes for the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Fingerprint Recognition, which pushes security and technology to the next level.


GearBest deals list is longer

The list is long and also includes a series of electronics, network gear, smart home innovations and various outdoor gadgets – all of them with exquisite deals.