Outdoor lifestyle? The Rugged No.1 F6 is THE smartwatch for you!

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You’re an active person, you like swimming, snowboarding and jogging? You like campfires on the beach and even own a rugged phone to adapt to your active lifestyle?

Cool! If you want a smartwatch that keeps up with the same things, that same outdoor lifestyle: The Rugged No.1 F6 is THE smartwatch for you and stronger than any watch you’ve owned! Water, sand, dust, even significant drops will not harm this watch at all! And above all that, it looks like a million dollars.

The No.1 F6 is THE smartwatch for you

The No.1 F6 is not only shock and dust resistant, but also waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters! And the watch doesn’t care if you prefer hiking in damp jungle area’s or the desert soarching heat. In fact it can handle temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celcius. The watch has several programs spefically design for different disciplines of sport, a stepcounter and a heart rate meter. It even can tell you precisely how many calories you have burned during a certain exercise.


The No.1 F6 is THE smartwatch for you

Now for this first half of the year (2018) No1. has a special discount on many products on GearBest.com. So if you are looking for a rugged smartwatch without breaking the bank, you should take a look at their site. The F6 Smartwatch is available for less than 30 euro at the moment.

But the brand also has other interesting devices like the F5 Smartwatch and the M3 Rugged Smartphone. If you want to learn more about the No.1 company and their merch I suggest visiting their site right here.