GearBest’s 4th Anniversary Boosts A Monster Party With Even More Deals

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Launched 4 years ago, GearBest has quickly become one of the top running electronics resellers from China and not only. It’s easy to tell why! The portal is based on the latest innovations on the market – literally everything from smartphones to smart home gadgets. Furthermore, it offers great value for money by offering front running electronics at drastically reduced prices. Its popularity went way beyond the Chinese market, with customers shopping for technology from all over the world.

Such an immense achievement can only be celebrated in one way – a massive party to make customers feel even better. After all, where would GearBest be without its shoppers? The major party starts on March 20 and brings in even bigger discounts, prizes and awards.

Join the fun!

GearBest’s monster party spreads over three phases:

  • March 20-March 26 – a series of countdown deals having customers fight over the slashed prices.

  • March 26-April 2 – the main event counting exquisite special offers and huge savings.

  • April 2-April 9 – a special round of thanks consisting of even more prizes.

What to expect

Luckily, there are countless discounted gadgets to choose from. You won’t have to be online 24/7 waiting for your dream gadget to be discounted. GearBest aims to thank everyone in style, so special offers will be spread over a few different categories:

  • Elite Bestsellers for the top selling gadgets on the market.

  • Loyalty Discounts for returning customers who stick to GearBest.

  • Cool Add-Ons for a series of hot gadgets going for practically nothing.

  • King of Brands Sale for the best rated manufacturers out there.

  • Anniversary Flash Sale to bring all the crazy deals together in one major category.

Literally – something for everyone!

The extra fun!

Shopping can be stressful, especially when you have no idea what to look at first. Take your time and relax! This is a sale party, so you’re suppose to have fun!

Join GearBest’s Epic Lucky Draw where everyone has a chance to win something. Since Easter’s knocking on the door, the Easter Egg Game introduces shoppers to the generous Easter Bunny! Plus, hundreds of vouchers waiting to be won!

Gearbest monster party explained!


Each stage of GearBest’s monster party is split into multiple competitions. Check out the official website if not sure.

The first stage involves a carousel of four products updated every three days, as well as two daily flash sales with two products each. Not less than 8 lucky bags are also involved plus many free chances and lucky draws.

The second stage covers two coupons throughout the whole stage, flash sales and a sales billboard for guidance. A 24 hour snap-up is included too, as well as a plethora of deals covering multiple categories – from smartphones to fashion products.

The last stage is all about mentioning winners and top selling items, as well as giving all participants a massive round of applause. None of these would be possible without the constant support of shoppers, who it all comes down to.