Hands-on Review of the Umidigi S2 Lite

14 days with the Umidigi S2 Lite as my daily driver...

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The latest Umidigi, the S2 Lite arrived at our door two weeks ago. I like to use a device over a certain period of time before I write a review. So I spent 14 days with the Umidigi S2 Lite as my daily driver. In this review I will share my findings about this experience with you.


The Umidigi S2 Lite arrived in a classy looking black box. Umidigi likes to take care of their packaging , I have noticed this before. In the box we find the phone, the bight red charger cable  that has become somewhat of a Umidigi trademark and a black envelope with simtool. They also added a dark, glossy silicon cover for free. And they also throw in a screenprotector. So that’s a rather complete package you get for about 130 euro. Remember folks, this is not some 200+ bucks device. We’re talking budget here.

Hands-on Review of the Umidigi S2 Lite

When it comes to design the Umidigi S2 Lite looks exactly the same as the gorgeous S2 and S2 Pro flagship. One of the definite Pro’s Umidigi phones are known for is their premium building materials. Let’s be honest, its not a edge phone, but I for one like that my fingers have something to land on when holding the phone. The upper and lower bezels are really thin and are right on par with the four times more expensive Samsung A8. In all fairness, when I held both devices side to side, the design of the Umidigi S2 Lite was the absolute winner for me.

The 8.5mm thickness and the full metal body make the Umidigi S2 Lite not only look premium, but it feels great to hold. On the back we find an easy to reach and very fast working fingerprint scanner and the two camera lenses. More about those later.


The 6 inch screen with it’s 18:9 screenratio stretches almost completely to the edge and the bezels are minimal. But they’re there. There’s well rounded 2.5D glass on the screen. Even though the screen resolution “only” is 1440 x720 p the colours and the brightness is just amazing. It’s clear that Sharp has done a great job again.



Like said before the Umidigi S2 Lite is a 130 euro phone and not a flagship. Regardless the specifications are not bad at all. I think we all can agree that 4GB RAM is rather cool on a “Lite-version”. It runs on a MediaTek octa core chip clocked at 1.5 Ghz ( Mediatek MT6750T, 64-Bit Processor, ARM-A53). The internal storage is set at 32 GB ROM and can be expanded with a SD Card up to 256 GB. Now get this: Umidigi offers you the option to integrate your SD Card and make it part of the internal storage. So, this means you could get up to 288 GB of storage in your S2 Lite! For now the Umidigi S2 Lite runs on Android 7.1 Nougat but the company already announced an update to Oreo in May. A larger than average 5100mAh battery with fast charging is powering the S2 Lite.

Hands-on Review of the Umidigi S2 Lite


Even after two weeks of  use, I find it very difficult to have an opinion about the cameras. Let me tell you why. At first I went outside on a terribly cold, but sunny day, and found that the camera’s shoot excellent pictures except a slight over-exposure every now and then. The I tried shooting pictures inside. Now that was like playing a game of roulette. Some pictures turn out splendid with plenty of saturation and a reasonable dynamic range. Take another shot in the same room, with the same light just a minute later, and you might end up with a blend picture. After four days of using the phone an OTA Update came in promising to improve the camera quality amongst other things. And I must say it did. Now 8 out of the 10 shots turn out rather decent.


Same as with the pictures: the dynamic range is just not one of the greatest. There is image stabilisation so there is a certain jerkiness when you’re moving around during filming. The video’s otherwise turn out reasonably sharp and they’re great to use on social media. The sound is also not bad. That is if you’re using a headset, because if I would have to mention on dissapointing aspect of the Umidigi S2 Lite, its the speaker. Watching a video outdoors is almost not possible, because the volume just won’t overtone background sounds.  Speaking about dissapointment while still on the camera topic: The second lense we find on the back. Now, for the love of God I wasn’t able to figure out what it’s there for. My guess is: Looking good -the end-.

Hands-on Review of the Umidigi S2 Lite Hands-on Review of the Umidigi S2 Lite Hands-on Review of the Umidigi S2 Lite



So, now we got all the technicalities out of the way: the important thing. How did the Umidigi S2 Lite do on a daily basis, being my daily driver for two weeks? In all honesty? I was suprised. In a very positive way. The OTA update went fast and smooth, the device feels great in the hand and is up for every usual daily tasks you throw at it. It somehow felt faster and smoother than a lot of other devices I have used sporting the VERY SAME chipset. So I must give my compliments to Umidigi for great tweaking there. What I loved most was the life span of one battery charge. You probably won’t be suprised to hear I’m a heavy user and even I could reach a day and a half to two days with one single charge! The battery life on this thing is just insane!


Hands-on Review of the Umidigi S2 Lite

Hands-on Review of the Umidigi S2 Lite
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The Umidigi S2 Lite is, and I say that without hesitation the best Umidigi device I have used so far. After the C-Note I was kinda worried about Umidigi if I’m completely honest. But the S2 Lite is a demonstration of craftmanship in a budget body. It feels premium in every aspect, is fast and accurate and the screen is just great. The only CON on the Umidigi S2 Lite in my opinion is the camera. Maybe another OTA update could fix it. I can definitely recommend this device to anyone looking for a great Samsung S8 like device that won’t break the bank. The only regret I have is that I reviewed the black version. Come on now people , that red version is just stunning! Now my rating for the Umidigi S2 Lite: I would say an 8 out of 10  points.

To order your own Umidigi S2 Lite follow this link.

Hands-on Review of the Umidigi S2 Lite