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Why you should buy CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet?

A Budget Gadget That Delivers

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 CUBOT is slowly getting some notoriety across the world with its new smartphones. The company has certainly grown over the past year when it released quite a few smartphones. Given its new entry on many markets, people often ask themselves “are these smartphones any good?”. Simply put, they are. The company is reliable and offers a good value for money, especially if you are looking for solid features without selling a kidney. What can expect if you buy CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet?

This is the perfect time to buy CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet because Gearbest is getting this X18 Plus at the lowest price ever. If you are on a small budget but want a great phone you should think in buy CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet, and get it at the most incredible flash sale ever saw.

buy CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet
buy CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet

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CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet is definitely big. However, you can easily hold it due to the smooth curves. Looking for some premium features? You got it! The metallic elements around the cameras and the fingerprint recognition add to its standards. While the controls on the right side feel a bit solid, most people will love the fact that they’re easy to use and straightforward. The fingerprint sensor works smoothly and allows signing up for pretty much everything.

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Why you should buy CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet?
CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet



It’s almost impossible to complain about the 5.99 inch fullHD+ display, especially in this price range. The 2K resolution adds to the overall detailing. Users can easily watch a film or play a heavy game without losing details – 16 million colors and a top contrast of 1300:1. The brightness is yet another solid feature, as you can use this phablet in any circumstance, regardless of how sunny it is outside. Everything is responsive – swipes, taps, touches – you name it!

With all these, there are no special features to reinforce the screen. The manufacturer hasn’t mentioned anything about such technologies, so it might be wise to use a screen protector to prevent accidental damage.

Why you should buy CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet?
CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet



The camera hardware on CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet is high-spec. Simply put, there is nothing to complain about. However, the software could’ve used some extra attention. While most pictures will look sharp and detailed, the ones taken in lowlight conditions will not be the best. You might need a few attempts. Users will have to play around with the settings. There are plenty of features and filters though. But overall, even the top smartphones out there experience the same difficulties. Despite all the progress in other sectors, cameras have always been a sensitive issue and the X18 Plus makes no exception either.

Why you should buy CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet?


It’s quite challenging to find something that will actually slow CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet down, be it heavy browsing, high-graphics games or videos. There is nothing special about the performance, but everything is so well put together that most users will be pleasantly surprised. With 4GB of RAM and MediaTek SoC, you can expect a speedy response and literally no lag. If there is one thing that might feel slow, that is the initial boot up though.

The 4,000mAH battery should easily last a full day for most people. Charging it completely from dead doesn’t take more than 90 minutes, which is yet another plus.


  • Great design
  • Comfortable to use
  • Value for money
  • Premium features
  • Large display
  • Loud speaker
  • Good camera



  • Poor camera in lowlight conditions
  • Basic screen quality

Why you should buy CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet Conclusion

In the end, CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet can clearly become a front runner on its market segment. It is an excellent upgrade of the original smartphone. The rapport for price and quality is obvious too. It comes in a comfortable package that most people will simply digest.

CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet

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CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet with Android 8.0 Oreo