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Incredible: Meizu’s latest patent says No to the Notch!

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Today we see many brands embracing the “notch-design”. And it’s great to see there are still companies that are willing to innovate rather than immitate.

And when I say innovation, I say Meizu. Their easy to navigate mBack button, the mBack Halo (on the M6S), dual Amoled display on the Pro7 weren’t enough though. Latest leaks tell us they patented yet another awesome innovation. The leaked renders show a subscreen sensor set and a subscreen front camera! Meizu’s latest patentL

Looking at the renders of the expected Meizu 15 Plus makes you wonder. It shows no notch and no fingerprint scanner on the back. But there’s also no sign of a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. So let’s continue the speculation, just because it’s fun: Could the 15 Plus use a in screen scanner? Since we have seen a video of an obvious Meizu device which sported an in screen fingerprint scanner it’s possible. Will it also sport under the screen Face ID? Or will it just use one of the possibilties? Let us know below what you think?


meizu leaked

Ofcourse that’s not the only thing to look forward to because the Meizu E3 is just around the corner. This device will use the same side-mounted fingerprint scanner used on the M6S. In other specifications the E3 will likely end up in the midrange sector. The leaked renders show a fresh new Meizu design. What I noticed about the renders of both the Meizu 15 Plus and the Meizu E3 is that Meizu choses brand recognition every time! I love that about them. You can tell a Meizu is a Meizu from miles away, and it seems the new designs also radiate unity.


meizu e3 launch date
The Meizu E3 expected to launch March 21st.


Now, we could go on speculating but I’m sure our friends at Meizu will bring us up to date as soon as they are ready to disclose more. And ofcourse if you’re just like me and you can’t wait, there’s always the Meizu M6S that is the first device ushering in a new era for Meizu. It is available around the 150 euro marker seems to be quite the looker. Not only is it beautiful it also sports a brand new Samsung Hexacore processor. The M6S will be reviewed in a full hands-on review here on Wired Leaks soon. Be sure to check Meizu’s own website for updates on their upcoming releases.


Meizu M6s
Meizu M6S