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Infinix Zero 5 X603 4G Phablet – A Capable Mid-Ranger

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Infinix has recently gained some notoriety on the Asian market with a few new smartphones, including its flagship gadget: Infinix Zero 5 X603 4G Phablet. Based on its price, the device has entered a highly disputed segment, causing some query among potential buyers. Is it able to stand out in the crowd and dominate the market? Time to answer this question!

Infinix Zero 5 ( X603 ) 4G Phable
Infinix Zero 5 X603 4G Phablet


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The design is by far the most noticeable thing as you open the box. Zero 5 is a large phone that needs both hands for a proper operation, hence its promotion as a phablet. It has a flat back panel, making it hard to hold with one hand only. However, chances are you will get used to it after a few weeks. It comes in three colors – sandstone black, champagne gold and Bordeaux red. The main controls are on the right side – power, volume and the dual SIM slot. The left side hosts the microSD card slot. Overall, its design matches the market standards, so it doesn’t stand out but neither does it lose the battle with its competition.

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Given the size, Infinix Zero 5 X603 4G Phablet also has a decent display – a full HD display measuring not less than 5.98 inches. The main resolution is 1080×1920. Colors are quite vivid and allow solid detailing. Buyers will love watching videos and films on this gadget. Moreover, it has its own indoor display conditions based on the brightness.

Infinix Zero 5 ( X603 ) 4G Phablet Dual camera
Infinix Zero 5 X603 4G Phablet Dual camera



The dual camera is practically a mixture of a 13MP telephoto lens and a 12MP wide angle lens, which makes it comparable to top smartphones on today’s market. The result? Lossless zoom and stunning effects! Details are quite clear, yet you might find pictures to be a bit saturated.

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Infinix Zero 5 ( X603 ) 4G Phablet

The camera on Infinix Zero 5 X603 4G Phablet does have a few flaws though. You might need more attempts if the lighting conditions are bad. The same goes for the portrait mode. However, Infinix tried to fix these issues with a Pro mode, which actually helps a little.


Infinix Zero 5 X603 4G Phablet is backed by a 2.6GHz octa-core processor carrying the MediaTek Helio standards. It boosts 6GB of RAM, as well as 64GB of storage memory. The RAM makes this phablet fly, whether you play the most sophisticated games or you browse heavy websites. The Zero 5 runs on XOS 3.0 Hummingbird. It is based on Android, only it has some extra features, such as freezing apps instead of removing them. A few in-house apps come to make the user experience more facile.

Infinix Zero 5 ( X603 ) 4G Phablet – A Capable Mid-Ranger

Finally, the battery stands out – 4350mAH. To make it easier to understand, you won’t have to carry the charger with you wherever you go.


  •  Solid display
  • Value for money
  • Good battery
  • Fast
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent camera in daylight


  • Average camera in poor light




Infinix Zero 5 X603 4G Phablet Review Conclusion

In the end, Infinix Zero 5 X603 4G Phablet is definitely a new name on the market. Some people might feel skeptical about it, but once they go through its features, it is not hard to get convinced. The phablet is easily able to make its mark. It comes with some solid features and a few insignificant cons that seem to affect most smartphones out there.

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