Protecting Children Privacy Online – A Guide for Parents

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A Parent and Child relationship is one of the most beautiful things ever on earth. One thing a parent would want is to protect their child from wrongdoings and specifically in the modern era as referred to Children Privacy. It refers to adult content and vulgar language across the digital media platforms.

It is more to do with future of children’ s thought process, early-stage behavior and much more.

According to a report on an international daily, It has also been said that children in this era are more accustomed to the need of using mobile phones and signing up on digital platforms when compared to children from the previous period.

So, what would a parent do to protect their child from the wrong things that keep coming up on the internet?

In this article, we will be talking about a tool that has all the features for a parent to control child’s activity on digital media platforms. Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, Instagram are the most used media platforms with the internet on a smartphone. The tool helps to protect activity on every media platform through permission and access granted to undertake an action.

The tool that we are talking about is a TiSPY Parental Control Software. It helps parents to keep a look on the activity log of their child and also plan for permission access/deny to a particular form of content and apps.

One of the main reasons behind the growth/increase in need of this tool is recent apps such as Blue Whale and so increasing 18+ content on the internet.

Important features of spy software are below-

1) It provides parents with a Control Panel which helps in denying access to specific apps and URL on the web. The CP also allows parents to see through the history and current activity on their child’s app.

Children Privacy

2) It also has GPS tracking and live location feature with the help of integrated maps on the software whenever your child carries a phone with him/her, you can track their physical location, see their steps, and past visited localities. This way, it helps your child to be protected physically as well.

Children Privacy

3) The spy software not only helps a parent to protect from online media but also has a feature to connect gallery, contacts, SMS, downloads. It also allows a parent to delete anything-inappropriate files/contacts.

As we have talked about features of SPY software one needs to do a lot of research before buying one.

We are going to provide you checklist of spy software which is very important before buying their premium features:-

1)  When you’re choosing such parental control software than check out whether they have professional website or not? Apart from this check out they are offering any free/trial version of the software before purchasing one.

2) It must include essential features as stated above and add-on features such as prompt commands in GPS/SMS can be used as an edge of choosing one from another.

3) It should also have proper security requirements, and this can be seen regarding use / How to page of the application. You must cross verify the stated security through an expert.

4) Before buying a pro version of an application, one should see that use / command is only with you and not another third party. In simple words, you should be the only one to be able to command child’s phone after buying the pro version of an app. This shall be the case in trial version as well.

5) You would also need to check legal issues and permissions required before buying an app in your home country. Major countries have some strict rules to spy or track kids activities without their consent, so you should first learn about your countries law before using such software.

We have talked about the legal issues, security requirements and other featured that needs to be there in the app. So, make sure you do the checklist through this article before going on to buy the pro version of the application.

Conclusion –

In this article, we have talked about a top software that will help you in parent control / A-Z of their child’s phone activity. Though we have talked about protecting a child from wrongdoing but using SPY software can land a relationship with your child in deep trouble if your child find it. A Perfect way to participate in Children Privacy and monitor them 🙂

Let us know in the comment section about the brand you’ve been using and also other positive/negative points that are not listed in the article.