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Doogee V Hands-on Video at Mwc Barcelona 2018

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DOOGEE V has been the subject of massive media coverage since it’s revealed. Yesterday the mysterious DOOGEE V  landed on Barcelona MWC media conference. We have a small Doogee V Hands-on Video in this article. DOOGEE team showed to the public the revolutionary technology V adopts.

Doogee V Hands-on Video
Doogee V Hands-on Video


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Firsthand information suggests that the DOOGEE V embraces surprising in-display fingerprint unlocking technology. This groundbreaking achievement takes merely 0.5s to wake up the phone. Which is even faster than the 0.7s of Vivo X20 Plus! The in-display fingerprint sensor is the most remarkable way to unlock a smartphone. DOOGEE applies this extremely complicated technology. The AMOLED display to the V with a simple theory, light reflection.

Doogee V Hands-on Video
Doogee V Hands-on Video


When your finger touches the AMOLED display surface, it generates light to light up every single detail of the fingerprint. The light, carrying the message of your fingerprint, bounces back into the CMOS sensor. Once the sensor reads your fingerprint and recognizes it, the phone is unlocked. Furthermore, to prevent signal crosstalk of scattered light, DOOGEE uses an Olens layer under the AMOLED display. This makes sure the fingerprint can be scanned successfully. It largely increases the recognition accuracy rate and shortens the scan time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Not only just the in-display fingerprint sensor contributes to an advanced DOOGEE V. But also Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology accounts. In this generation, DOOGEE V is powered by the newest Helio P60 processor carrying with AI algorithm. This powerful octa-core CPU accelerates the phone with smooth operation. As well as improves user experience in multiple aspects.

With the AI chip inside, DOOGEE V is more capable of recognizing different shooting scenes intelligently to capture perfect pictures. The camera parameters will be adjusted to the most appropriate ones to adapt situations. Such as portrait, food, night, scenery, sport etc. While the deep learning ought to be another stunning feature. A built-in neural network processing unit (NPU) learns user behavior based on their daily habits to induce similar task computing. It can allocate CPU resources smartly. Control power consumption and maintain device’s unhindered running especially for heavy games. More than that, the translation and voice assistant functions are standby as well.

Doogee V Hands-on Video




The groundbreaking features mentioned above have attracted our curiosity about the DOOGEE V. Stay tuned with us for more details about this Doogee V model. You can also visit official Doogee website:

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