New Meizu 15 Plus Pictures leaked

Meizu keeps them coming!

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Now a while ago, we showed you some renders and announced the new high end Meizu 15 Plus. Today new  Meizu 15 Plus pictures leaked. They seem to confirm those renders looks. What we didn’t expect was to still deal with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner instead of a in-screen sensor. However it seems the Meizu 15 Plus will be quite the looker. Let’s look at some pictures first.

From the look of it Meizu stays true to their ergonomical approach to design. The 15 Plus seems to have rounded edges all around. The backside is pretty much as we assumed, and the circular flash is back! What we also see is what looks like slightly curved edges. The forehead and chin of the device seem minimal. And this leads me to believe it will make use of the super mTouch button we have seen on the M6S already.

The new design looks competetive and fresh, yet doesn’t loose that ‘Meizu feeling’ the fans want. Now there’s only one mystery to solve: What will power the new Meizu smartphone? Since we doubt that it will be MediaTek.  Why? Well the last two midrangers even got other chipsets. The Meizu M6 Note is powered by the SD625 and the M6S uses a Samsung Exynos chipset.  This has lead to previous rumours that the 15 Plus will probably also be using a Samsung processor. Latest developments however seem to pointing in another direction. The rumours the 15 Plus will be sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. Could it even be the SD835 or ..let’s dare to dream the SD845? So far we know nothing.

What we DO know however is that Meizu won’t be bringing the Meizu 15 Plus to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. The company has announced to launch the Meizu 15 Plus on a later date. It will be launched in a special event created by Meizu. If you remember the M6S Lauch, that can be very artistic and intriguing so we’re definitely looking forward to that one.

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