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Uhans i8: Full Review and Specifications

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Uhans i8 Full Review

Like I promised you some time ago, here it finally is: The full review of the Uhans i8! Without further ado, let’s dig right in and look at its specifications:


Eventhough it’s obvious that the Samsung Galaxy S8 was the source of inspiration for Uhans, the device is certainly no clone. In fact Uhans managerd to create a beautiful 18:9 device here. And the first thing you will notice is how great this phone feels in your hand. It’s symetric and well balanced. The Uhans i8 is heavy, but not too heavy, giving it a very premium feel. Every thinkable edge is round on the i8 which makes for great ergonomics. Of course the 18:9 full display is the true eye catcher on this phone. When I at first read that they would put a 1440 x720p resolution on 5.7″ screen I feared for the worst. Uhans i8 Full ReviewThis fear vanished like snow before the sun the first time I pressed that on-button. The black of the screen is deep and truely black regardless the viewing angle and the colours are vibrant.

I was surprised to see, or better: to NOT see individual pixels. The screen blends in the metal edges of the phones frame seamlessly. That metal frame gives the phone a solid feel despite of the glass backcover.The entire phone shines and shimmers in a deep, glossy black. And I know it looks al premium and flashy and all, the downside definitely are fingerprints. It’s a real magnet for smudges and fingerprints and it would be go crazy if this was my daily drive. Overall I can say one thing: The Uhans i8 is a looker, and really a gorgeous device.


Where hardware’s concerned the Uhans i8 offers 4GB of RAM and a generous 64GB of internal storage. That’s not bad for a budget device. Ofcourse the Mediatek MTK6750-T with its 1.5GHz is not a powerhouse. However it is a decent mid-tier octa core processor. For GPU  the i8 is backed up by the ARM Mali T880 chipset. The phone has a fingerprint scanner on the back that works swiftly. It unlocked the phone 22 out of the 25 times, on the first try. That’s above average. In fact that’s right on par with many high end devices that cost a lot more than the i8. But it gets better! Uhans managed something even Apple didn’t figure how to do: You can use Face ID to unlock and the fingerprint scanner simultaneously! Face ID to unlock? Yes the Uhans i8 has that feature and I’ve tested in several light conditions. Uhans i8 Full Review

Inside the house and outside. And it works. Like a charm! Every single time I used it. So even though you can use the fingerprint scanner as a back up, there´s no need. When it comes to the software the Uhans i8 is running on Android 7.1.2. The phone does receive OTA updates, although I seriously doubt an Android Upgrade. The device is powered by a 3500mAh battery that showed a great battery life during my use. It´s connected through USB-C and supports fast charging. The USB-C Connector is also where your headphones go. The converter plug is in the box. So you can use any earphones you might want to. On the Antutu Benchmark the Uhans i8 scored around 43K which is normal for its chipset. What is a real pro is the GPS. I could get a 3D fix up to 4 meters within seconds. Inside the house!



The Uhans i8 comes with what looks like a dual camera set up on the back. The 16MP main sensor is supported by a second 3MP sensor. I can only say that the bokeh-effect or macro blur that you can produce with the i8 without any doubt is software generated. So what the precise function of that second camera is exactly, I cannot tell you. What I can tell you is that you get a warning on screen if you try to cover it. So it’s not a dud that is for sure. Anyway, the pictures shot by the 16MP main camera however are really good. The details in the pictures is just surprising and the contrast and colours are better than of average phones of this price.

Uhans i8 Full Review

The 8MP front camera takes nice shots too. In all fairness, I think its an interpollated 5MP camera, but that’s okay. It does its job and the pictures are very usable for social media. When it comes to low-light performance I wasn’t completely convinced. Granted the i8 made better shots in the dark than for instance the Leagoo Mix, but coming from a Meizu (with ArcSoft lowlight enhancent) it was disappointing.  The camera options are all there and the video quality was definitely not bad. For more on that I suggest you hit up my YouTube video on the Uhans i8 I made. You can find it below.


So you’re looking for a decent budget phone with 18:9 screen ratio, great camera’s, great battery life and a gorgeous design and great specifications? In that case I suggest you take a long good look at the Uhans i8, because it could be your new phone. They even throw in a free silicon case. It has some matte parts and looks a lot better than free cases I’ve seen with other phones. I think the Uhans i8 shows us Uhans really impressed me with quality and design. This is a device I would definitely recommend. I think Uhans is going the right direction and I’m looking forward to see other phones from this manufacturer. So, now for the rating. Considering the price and the tier the phone should be rated in, I give the Uhans an 8.5 out of 10 and both thumbs up!

You can order the Uhans i8 right here from our friends at Banggood.

Here’s the video review I shot about the Uhans i8. Please be sure to subscribe to the channel!

Uhans i8 Full Review




As usual I will add some sample pictures I have made with the Uhans i8 below. Enjoy! [Please keep in mind the outdoor pictures were made on a real rainy, grey day]


Uhans i8 Full Review

Uhans i8 Full Review

Uhans i8 Full Review

Uhans i8 Full Review

Uhans i8 Full Review

Uhans i8 Full Review