8 Reasons To Buy Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 Action Camera

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Action cameras have now gained high popularity in the market due to their special features that you cannot find in ordinary cameras. Simple operation, compact design, HD videos and the ability to get attached to any objects- all these things have made the camera highly acceptable. Though you may find lots of sports camera models, offered by various brands, Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 is one of the most distinguishing ones to the users. So, we have presented you with 8 Reasons To Buy Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 Action Camera.

8 Reasons To Buy Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 Action Camera
8 Reasons To Buy Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 Action Camera


First, the image sensor of good quality. Sony always offers high-quality image pixel technology for improving the photodiode’s light-receiving part. In Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 camera, you have the best standard sensor, IMX117. This is a type of back-illuminated sensor, which helps in the configuration of imaging elements for the enhancement of captured light. While there is low light in your room, your camera will still perform in a better way.

Second, video processor with excellent capacity. You may love to spend more time to record videos than to capture still images. This camera gives you the best video capturing experience with its unique video processor. NT96660, a powerful video processor is integrated with the camera in order to have the smoothest processing of videos. You will get optimized videos that may run at 24 fps (2160p), 60 fps (1080p) or 120 fps (720p).

8 Reasons To Buy Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 Action Camera

Third, includes a remote controller system. There is the remote controlling ability of Hawkeye camera, and it is highly advantageous to most of the users. You can have a diverse view on your own images. The RC cable helps you in triggering the shutter of the camera remotely. Moreover, prior to capturing the photo, you may have a view of it remotely due to this RC cable. This remote-controlled photography will also enable you in avoiding the use of the small viewfinder for composing photos.However, you may also use Bluetooth 3.0 remote controller that you can attach to selfie stick or put on the wrist. It will be easier for you to capture videos or images.

Fourth, better stabilization of videos. The camera has a six-axis gyroscope in order to make your videos more stable and consistent. This gyro is able to sense the vibrations, which are caused for various external elements. As Firefly 8 has this feature, it is able to correct or adjust the shaky video footage. While it is a windy day, there is a risk of shaking video clip. But, in case of Firefly 8, you have no concern on this type of issue due to its 3-standard orientation sensors. These three axes are- front-to-back, side-to-side and vertical.

Fifth, retains a higher level of brightness. You will have brighter images with this camera. Whether it is a nighttime or daytime, the presence of IPS monitor enables the camera in adjusting the brightness level of your snaps. Due to this IPS monitor, you will find advantages in color representation or reproduction, whiteness, response time, the sharpness of images and viewing angle. The overall quality of display may be much higher than what you find in any ordinary camera. With the adjustable brightness, you will have the better output using this Firefly 8 camera.

Sixth, selfie mirror. Most of the young tech-savvy users are enthusiastic of selfie technology. Now, you like to have your selfie not only with Smartphone but also with your favorite camera. So, Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 has offered you a selfie mirror with its camera. Now, you can snap your own photo with more accuracy. Activate this selfie mirror and you will enjoy a better photography session.

8 Reasons To Buy Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 Action Camera

Seventh, detachable and rechargeable camera battery. Firefly 8 works with a powerful battery that is easily detachable from the camera. Your action camera will never be out of power during your photography session. This is a 3.85 V battery, which works consistently for almost 1.5 hours. This battery works with higher capacity (1200mAh), and thus, you will get the chance of capturing videos and photos effectively.

Eighth, offers a waterproof case. You know that water may damage almost any type of camera. So, Hawkeye helps you to protect your camera from any effect of water. It has offered you a waterproof case, which keeps your camera safe and you will have good output after snapping photos. While you like to take your camera and get engaged in any water activity, you will have no concern on the potential damage of the camera and its lens. Start shooting photos at any place while carrying this weatherproof and waterproof casing.

8 Reasons To Buy Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 Action Camera

Should you buy Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 Action Camera?


In conclusion, I think you should buy Hawkeye FIREFLY 8 Action Camera. It is one of the most amazing sports cameras with incredible video and photo quality. The major inbuilt features and the extra accessories have made this product unique to the users. You will surely gain profit by buying the camera of the latest model.

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