9 Reasons To Buy Anet E2 Aluminum Alloy Frame DIY 3D Printer Kit

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3D printing has become one of the important technologies to the innovative engineers and designers. However, for the fastest prototyping, there is a need for a good quality 3D printer. Though you can find lots of costly models, you do not like to invest much as a novice one. So, the best option, available for you, is a DIY 3D printer. We have chosen to buy Anet E2 Aluminum Alloy Frame DIY 3D Printer Kit and found out the most positive aspects of this system. It is one of the popular products of the reputed brand, Anet. This DIY kit has almost all the useful features that you need for 3D printing.



buy Anet E2 Aluminum Alloy Frame DIY 3D Printer Kit
buy Anet E2 Aluminum Alloy Frame DIY 3D Printer Kit

First, a reliable and long-lasting frame- Anet has offered a sturdy, durable or rigid frame for the DIY 3D printer kit users. The aluminum alloy frame has made the unit much lightweight. You will be able to get the utmost value from this steady and stable model. As the overall weight of the machine is not heavy, you may easily move it to any place. In addition to it, the platform board or base is made of aluminum, which is highly scratch resistant and corrosion resistant. Moreover, as this material is a good electricity and heat conductor, the system will give you lasting service.

Second, a good nozzle design- You know that nozzles are the major parts for depositing molten filaments to the particular space. If you buy Anet E2 Aluminum Alloy Frame DIY 3D Printer Kit, it will include one nozzle of the right shape and size. The diameter of this nozzle is about 0.4mm. Anet has designed the nozzle in a special way so that it can remain clean all the time. You may have heard common complaint among 3D printer users that the nozzles become clogged. However, you will face no issue of blockage with this printer. Its nozzle also helps with uniform distribution of heat. The extrusion process may become smoother and easier with this uniquely designed nozzle. The settings for nozzle temperature can vary from normal room temperature level to maximum two hundred and sixty degrees.

buy Anet E2 Aluminum Alloy Frame DIY 3D Printer Kit parts

Third, a motor with no noise issue- No one likes to use a 3D printer that generates intense noise while printing a model. However, in case of E2 DIY 3D Printer Kit, you may not find this issue. The motor unit, integrated with the printer, is of high quality. The best fact is that Anet has integrated the system with a stepper motor, which is recognized for highly precise and accurate output. With this motor, you may find a direct link between an input pulse and a rotation angle. Though you are using a DIY kit, the printing system with this stepper motor will enable you to design a model, which has a real feel and look.

Forth, fastest printing technology- We have already stated that stepper motor has solved the noise issue of the printing process. Now, another added benefit of this machine is that it helps you with the fasting prototyping process. Your printer will read the 3D computer-based file and then use it for making cross-sectional parts. After making the slices, the printer prints every part over another to develop the object. For the E2 DIY printer, this printing speed may vary from 30 to 200mm/s. Due to its fastest printing capability, you will be able to produce lots of 3D objects as a professional engineer or designer.

buy Anet E2 Aluminum Alloy Frame DIY 3D Printer Kit

Fifth, easy installation is good for novice users- With only a little knowledge of 3D printing system, you may operate this E2 DIY 3D printer. Put the guide rod and extruder together and then attach them to a frame. You will need to spend only five to ten minutes for the overall installation process. Just load your SD card into your printer. Level the available printing space and then load a filament. You are now ready to make your prints.

Sixth, bigger touchscreen, simplifying the job- E2 3D printer is equipped with a large, clean LCD screen that gives a good space for operation. The UI of this display is highly functional to the users, and so, you will get all the clear details on this screen. It is easy to navigate through the screen to click on the right parts. The touch-enabled screen can make your task simpler.

Seventh, more than one connector option- Anet has offered you two options for choosing the type of connector. You can choose SD card or USB for connecting the system to start printing. You may need to do printing throughout twenty-four hours or like to do it only occasionally. Considering your needs, you have to choose the connector type.

You can run your computer or laptop. There’re several settings, present in slicer software, like Cura. You may alter those settings for various results.

Eighth, works with consistent power- As a novice 3D printing professional, you may not know everything about the printing process. However, there is no risk of using this DITY printer. The manufacturer has applied a protective layer in order to avoid electric shock. Moreover, the system works with 110V/220V, and its working potential is almost 250W. You will have the desired output in the most professional standard way. Space, available for engraving the objects, is 22 x 27 x 22cm, and so, you may have a 3D object of good size and design.

Ninth, highly adjustable system- The belt of the system includes a rotary button and is adjustable. Thus, you can adjust the tightness easily for your convenience. Moreover, the guide pulley is also placed at the right site as you will not find any space between this pulley and the frame. Your printed objects will have high accuracy due to these features.

So, if you buy Anet E2 Aluminum Alloy Frame DIY 3D Printer Kit, it will be one of the reliable and well-designed kits that can make your printing process much easier. While you like to create 3-dimensional objects for your personal use, you may buy this kit at the most reasonable price.

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