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Leaked Model From Doogee V Series with Large Screen Ratio

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Recently, the pictures of Doogee’s new phone were leaked online. The new phone looks rather similar to Doogee V. The upcoming in-display fingerprint flagship, as they both feature the same large screen and the U-shaped notch. Different from the V, this mysterious new handset has a home button fixed on the narrow bottom edge of the front. This new handset, as well as Doogee V. This Leaked Model From Doogee V Series with Large Screen Ratio, will surely be revealed at Barcelona Mwc.

Leaked Model From Doogee V Series front
Leaked Model From Doogee V Series front

Judging from the leaked pictures, the most distinguishing feature is the head of the phone, which is artfully designed with a U-shape notch to maximize the screen on this smartphone. This unique design was originated from Apple Inc in order to create a bezel-less screen on iPhone X. The back of the phone was seamlessly covered with full glass and two cameras were vertically lined in the upper left corner of its body.

Leaked Model From Doogee V Series back
Leaked Model From Doogee V Series back



The chin size is much smaller than previous Doogee phones and the home button is barely fitting in. As it won’t be equipped in-display fingerprint, this new handset must be a mid-range version of Doogee V and could possibly be released with a relatively low price.

Leaked Model From Doogee V Series Video



For those who are questioning about in-display fingerprint, using traditional fingerprint unlock would be a good choice. However, one can’t deny the charm of new advance in-display fingerprint technology. Getting you fingerprint authorized without a direct contact with the sensor sounds magic. It employs ultrasonic waves or optical penetration tech to read your fingerprint and minimizes the disturb from the dirt, grease, sweat, and water. Hereby, you can even unlock the phone with your wet hand. This unique feature is the biggest variation between Doogee V and this new phone. Moreover, the reduced configuration of this new phone will surely be compensated for a fair price.


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