Rugged Wars: Blackview BV9000 VS. Ulefone Armor 2

The Battle of the Beasts

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Today I want to show you two absolute beasts: The Blackview BV9000 and the Ulefone Armor 2. Both IP68 rated, meaning fully water- shock and dustproof! So join me in the Rugged Wars: The Battle of the Beasts! Full bezelless screen, glass backpanels and thinner than millimeters that’s basically how we perceive  the ideal smartphone in 2018. Or do we? Well, not all of us do! There is a growing attention on the market for the so-called rugged phone. Or the outdoor phone, as some prefer to call it. Rugged phones have the name to be heavy, slow and technologically behind on regular smartphones. But is that still true in this day and age? 

Now looking at both the Ulefone Armor 2 and the Blackview BV9000 I find it very difficult, if not impossible to point out an absolute winner, both are amazingly tough and able to endure the hardest tests. Both are great to look at, eventhough they don’t look like your standard smartphone. But who wants common, right? Well, forget the rumour that rugged phones per definition are sluggish slow devices with no good camera’s. Let’s break down both devices side to side and see what they have to offer (Spoiler: it’s a lot!). Let the games begin:

The Basics: Chipset, Storage and OS

So let’s start with the very heart of every device: the chipset. When it comes to that the Blackview and the Ulefone seem to be ‘brothers from other mothers”. They both sport a Mediatek MT6757CD Helio 25 octa core processor, ARM Cortex-A-53 with a CPU of CPU: 4x 2.6 GHz and 4x 1.6 GHz. Which is not the fastest chipset out there, but certainly not the slowest either. Both devices have combined this with a whopping 6GB of RAM (LPDDR4X for both) and they also carry the same ARM-Mali T880 MP2 graphic chipset. So, also GPU-wise there’s no way to say one is better than the other…obviously. But when we’re talking storage, the first difference pops up. The Ulefone Armor 2 brings a generous 64GB of ROM, which is fine, considering the fact it’s extendable through an MicroSD card. However, the Blackview BV9000 is issued with 128GB of internal storage. And still there is room for the old MicroSD card also. Both rugged phones run on Android 7. In this case we were dealing with Android 7.0 on the Armor 2 and Android 7.1 on the BV9000.


Main Camera

Both phones differ quite a lot when we get to the camera set up. The main camera on the Ulefone Armor 2 is the Samsung S5K3P3 that has been used by Ulefone before. It brings 16MP and an aperture of f/2.0. It’s an okay sensor. Now the Blackview BV9000 comes with an OmniVision OV13855 with ‘only’ a 13MP (f/2.0) camera. But the BV9000 has a little trick in his sleeve, because it has a dual camera set up, so it has a secondary camera, also made by Samsung. The 5MP Samsung S5K5E2 sensor to be exact.

On both devices the camera is supported by a dual LED flash. Both phones are able to shoot video’s or pictures under water. How’s that?

Front Camera

The Ulefone Armor 2 uses a OmniVision OV8856 8MP sensor as selfie shooter. On the front of the Blackview BV9000 we find the (on paper) slightly better Sony IMX219 PQ Exmor R 8MP. Let’s be honest, both front camera’s are able to take great selfies. In more difficult lighting situations the Sony will perform slightly better than the OV8856. Both front-facing camera’s have an f/2.0 aperture. Imagine the faces of your friends when you send them your first underwater selfie!


Now, this is without doubt the biggest, most noticable difference between the two rugged beasts. The Ulefone Armor 2 comes with a smaller 5 inch 16:9 ratio screen. Also the screen to body ratio on the Armor is 55,5%. Don’t expect thin bezels folks. But what this actually means that almost half of the front surface is NOT screen but protection! And thats why we want a rugged phone in the first place, right?  However it’s a FHD 1920 x 1080p. resolution that makes the picture extremely sharp in vibrant. So that’s great. The Blackview BV9000 is the worlds first rugged smartphone that sports a huge 5.7 inch screen with an 18:9 ratio! The resolution of the BV9000 is 1440 x 720p. The screen on the Blackview takes about 64.2% of the front, so no need to worry about protection there either. On top of the big bumpers keeping the screens safe in most situations, both phones have Gorilla Glass. The Ulefone is said to have Gorilla Glass Gen.3, while the BV9000 is advertised to carry Generation 5 Glass.


What powers a powerfull beast? Let’s begin to state that both devices use USB Type-C to connect to the charger and both are equipped with fast-charging. The Ulefone charges with a maximum of 12V/1.5A and the Blackview with a maximum of 12V/2A. Both use Li-Polymer batteries. The Ulefone Armor 2 has a 4700mAh battery as opposed to the Blackview BV9000’s 4180mAh battery. Now considering the fact that both rugged phones last about an equal amount of time with one battery charge could mean Blackview has it’s battery optimalization worked out, but since the Ulefone’s screen is brighter we must not overlook that factor. Either way, both phones will help you through the day on one charge.



So like I stated in the beginning. it’s hard to say who won this Battle of the Beast. Hard, but not impossible. Although both devices are very impressive I could make my choice. I think there’s no way in denying that the Blackview BV9000 is definitely the rugged phone that screams 2018! I mean, come on people: a HD 5.7 inch screen with an 18:9 ratio (on a rugged phone!), dual camera set up, Sony IMX front-camera and Gorilla Glass 5! But let’s not sign off before stating the Ulefone Armor has a very different futuristic design that is striking, It has a great 16MP Samsung camera and a crispy clear Full HD screen. In the end I think a choice for either one of these powerhouses is foremost a matter of personal taste and preferences.

Where can you buy the Ulefone Armor 2 and the Blackview BV9000?

Now, if you’re ready to upgrade to adventure after reading this, and you want a phone that can be thrown around, stand extreme temperatures, dust and can even shoot video’s and pictures under water I can really recommend either of this phones. Now all you have to do is to figure out who won the Rugged Wars for you? 😉


In fact there’s a nice discount on the Ulefone Armor 2 you can order it here  for 199 euro instead of the regular 229 euro.







This ofcourse means a discount for BV9000 also, so you can get your Blackview BV9000 right here for 219 euro instead of 279 euro. Let us know which device you would choose.