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Meizu M6s Camera Samples

A First Look & A Great Deal

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The Meizu M6s, the first smartphone the company released in 2018 has been released two weeks ago. The first 18:9 Meizu, that comes with a Samsung Chipset and a Samsung Camera on the back has lead to entousiastic reactions all over the world, and finally some Meizu M6s Camera Samples emerged. Since I’m afraid the review sample for us will not make it to Europe before the Chinese New Year Festivities, let’s have a first look together at the samples that we found online already. Also we have a great deal for you if you’re looking to purchase a Meizu M6s or a Meizu M6 Note.

Meizu M6s


Camera Specifications

Before we continue let’s first list the full camera specifications we can find on board of the Meizu M6s. It features a rear camera with 16-megapixel Samsung CMOS lens with f/2.0 aperture and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera with an f/2.0 aperture as well and ‘adaptive beauty technology” also known as ArcSoft Beauty Algorithm Adaptive Skinning Technology. The rear camera also sports a dual-tone LED flash, 5P lens, and CMOS sensor.


Actual M6s Camera Samples

I think we all can agree, this looks pretty good on paper. Main question now is: Do the camera samples that have surfaced over the past week confirm this? Well, here are some samples:


So when its concerning outdoor shots, I think the results are not bad at all considering the Meizu M6s is a $150,- device. Of course we also would like our smartphones also to be our companion when we want to take some indoor shots and in low-light conditions. These are the samples we could find of those harder enviroments.

(credits pictures: igeekphone & gizchina)


Again, for a budget device, the results are nothing but impressive, although it is my personal opinion the dynamic range could be even better, when I compare these shots to the ones I took with the Meizu MX6 and the Meizu M6 Note in the past. No let’s keep in mind that we’re talking about a brand new device here, and some software updates could even enhance the quality of the camera even more. Overall however, one can only reach the conclusion that the camera performance of the Meizu M6s excels most other devices around that same price.

If it’s only camera performance you are after, and 18:9 screen and the side mounted fingerprint scanner aren’t on your priority list, you should definitely take a look at the Meizu M6 Note. Not only does it sport a dual camera set up but it’s software optimalization of those camera’s is so good that pictures come out looking like DSLR Camera shots!


The good news is: We can get you a great deal for either both, the Meizu M6s and the M6 Note! Instead of 186 euro you can own the brandnew M6s for only 154 euro now by following this link. and the Meizu M6 Note deal is even better, get this: Insted of 210 euro you can get the M6 Note for a limited time only for 138 (!!!) euro. All you have to do is hurry to  this link right here. You’re welcome! (picture of M6 Note below)

Meizu M6 Note