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The New Meizu M15 LEAKED!

What do we know? What can we guess?

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Just a week after the glamorous launch event of Meizu’s new 18:9 device the M6s, the company seems ready to celebrate yet another newborn in the Meizu Family. This time around seems to be waiting for Meizu’s new flagship that marks the celebration of their 15th anniversary: The Meizu M15. In the meantime, information has leaked that the new Meizu M15 will get an absolute high-end version too. This will be named Meizu M15 Plus, or so we are lead to believe for now.

In-screen Fingerprint Scanner?

To begin, let’s stick to the things we already know. Well, we already have a confirmed Meizu video that shows an on-screen fingerprint scanner, and we can now confirm that was not the M6s, since that device has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. Considering the M15 is going to be flagship class, I think it’s safe to assume we already caught a glimpse of the Meizu M15’s fingerprint security.

Back panel Leaked?

Another thing that is reasonable to assume is that we have a pretty good idea of what the Meizu M15 (Plus) will look like. At least from the back side. Since a couple of days, the same renders and pictures seem to surface. And the picture they paint is rather consistent. So let me show you the pictures we have on the back panel right here:

meizu leaked

Dual Camera Setup

The thing that’s most obvious on the back panel is the room for a dual camera set up. Now judging from the fact that Meizu has fantastic dual camera technology on both the Pro7 and the Meizu M6 Note, and the budget model M6s even comes with a 16MP camera: I think it’s safe to say at least one of the sensors will have at least 16 MP or more. Optimalisation is hopefully done by ArcSoft again, yet that is pure speculation from my side.

What I also noticed on the back panel is the lack of a fingerprint scanner. This could be another pointer towards in-screen technology. This idea is also enforced by the fact I can’t see a “side-notch” like the M6s has for the side-mounted fingerprint unlock.

meizu leaked

How about the front?

It is clear that Meizu has embraced the newest trends and knows what the 2018 customer is looking for. Because not only did they take care of a dual camera set up. They also have increased screen-to-body-ratio to the max! The renders we could label as the somewhat credible show, in my humble opinion, the best looking full-screen device I have so far seen out there. And guess what! No notch! Thank you so much, Meizu! It is not clear from the information we have so far where we will find sensors and front camera.

meizu leaked

Technical Specifications

In this stage, I think it’s impossible to state anyone really knows what the specs for the M15 and the M15 Plus are going to be. It seems there will be  6GB RAM 128GB ROM for the M15 and  8GB RAM and 256GB ROM for the Plus. But that is not confirmed yet. If you browse the web you will find many different stories and lots of speculation. So I say, let’s not add to the confusion and wait until our friends at Meizu will bring out the spec list themselves.



Meizu M15 Availability


We think the M15 will be launched somewhere around March, so there is no exact date yet. If you’re looking for a great Meizu device with an 18:9 screen ratio and a fantastic 16 MP camera. You might wanna take a look at the Meizu M6s which is available for even under $200! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed looking forward to what incredible beauty lies ahead in Meizu’s 2018. We will update this item as soon as new information will get to us. So the best thing you can do is hit that subscribes button. Leave your email address to receive our newsletter and of course, follow us on Facebook!