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Back of the Xiaomi Mi 6X first image leaked

The successor of the Xiaomi Mi A1 first appearance

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If there is a smartphone that is trending and has been one of the best sellers of Christmas, that is the Xiaomi Mi A1. Thanks to the price and features it offers, it is one of the most recommended terminals in the market. Such is their demand that in many stores there is not even an official mobile stock. Today it’s time to talk about his successor, the Xiaomi Mi 6X. Today we have the back of the Xiaomi Mi 6X first image leaked. A very interesting image about its metal back and the arrangement of the cameras.


Back of the Xiaomi Mi 6X first image leaked
Back of the Xiaomi Mi 6X first image leaked


We still can not formalize the date of presentation of this device, not even if there will be a new version of Android One, but it is certainly a terminal of the most interesting.

Good processor, good design, a decent double camera, a good size screen and Android One by Xiaomi. There is no better possible combination for the current mid-range and if all this is added to a price of 229 euros, the equation is perfect. If you want to renew your phone this year and you are waiting for Xiaomi to launch another one with Android One. We can not confirm anything, but we can know that there will be a Mi 6 X, the direct renewal of the Mi 5X, the same device as the Mi A1 but with MIUI inside.


Back of the Xiaomi Mi 6X first image leaked




Double camera in vertical format and without rear fingerprint sensor


Thanks to the new image of the Xiaomi Mi 6X that has been filtered. We can know that it will have a vertical double camera arrangement. Yes, it looks like the iPhone X, and although in terms of quality and functions it gives a little bit the same. It’s fine for the company to vary the layout in each model. There is not much more to tell from this back. Although he points out that we do not see a fingerprint sensor in it. We do not know very well the reason, but Xiaomi could leave this component aside or place it somewhere else.

Although the Xiaomi Mi A1 or Mi 5X does not have an 18: 9 screen with hardly any bevels. Its fingerprint sensor is placed in the back. This lets us know that by 2018, things could change. It is an unfinished chassis, so it could be perfectly missing the die for that component. Or that the company has looked for a better place, such as under the screen or on the side.


Back of the Xiaomi Mi 6X first image leaked


Back of the Xiaomi Mi 6X first image leaked

There is still a long way to go until we get to know the new Xiaomi Mi 6X. Also if there is a possibility to see another model with Android One. At the moment the double camera in vertical format and metal are almost confirmed.


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