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BLUBOO S3 infinite screen and 8300 mAh battery

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is creating great expectations with every filtering we see about it. It is not for less, as it corrects and improves the few errors that we found in its predecessor. Luckily, there are phones that manage to stand up to the highest range. That is what the BLUBOO S3 wants to achieve, a phone that bets on a premium design and a large capacity battery. BLUBOO S3 infinite screen and 8300 mAh battery is coming soon and pretend to be a cheap alternative to Galaxy S9.


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BLUBOO S3 infinite screen and 8300 mAh battery
BLUBOO S3 infinite screen and 8300 mAh battery


For years, import phones have wanted to compare with traditional brand smartphones. Managing to overcome them on many occasions, both in terms of design, user characteristics, and experience. The BLUBOO S3 aims to be one of those phones. Because with the features and images that have been filtered, we are sure that it will be a very interesting terminal.





BLUBOO S3 infinite screen and 8300 mAh battery


Despite having been filtered, we know few details about the BLUBOO S3. Although what we do know is that it will have a large 8300 mAh battery.  That will feed the screen for days without any frames that we have in the front. This battery is about 3 times more than what we are used to seeing in the market right now.

As we can see in the images that have been filtered, the BLUBOO S3 will not be too thick either. Something that has surprised us considering the size of its battery. Of course, in the case of a terminal that aspires to be compared with the best in the market. It has a screen with very small frames and 18: 9 format, but we still do not know its size or resolution.



If we are interested in BLUBOO S3, we can buy it in two elegant colors,  midnight black or champagne gold. So it will be liked by many people because it is also a very beautiful terminal in sight. In the back part, we find two central cameras arranged in vertical position and just below them the fingerprint reader. It will have to do with what photographic sensors account and what will be the purpose of the second camera.

Regarding the rest of the specifications, we still do not know anything else, but this being the first leak, we are sure that in a short time new information will come to light. We do not know anything about its price or its date of release.


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