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Two revolutionary DOOGEE smartphones

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Which phones have won your heart in the past 2017? Here two revolutionary DOOGEE smartphones have to be mentioned: the BL12000 and the slide full-screen phone. The immense battery BL12000 ( now had been released in January, leading a wave of buying boom. While the unprecedented slide screen phone indeed realizes a real full-screen without anything getting in the way.

two revolutionary DOOGEE smartphones


BL12000: Epochal 12000mAh Battery

BL12000 is well known for its epochal 12000mAh battery capacity. This Guinness record-breaking phone is able to sustain 48 days’ standby and 90 hours’ call; it greatly frees users from charging back and forth. Additionally, the 130°wide-angle front camera obsesses shutterbug deeply for wider and clearer scene involved. More than that, it gathers 12V/3A rapid charging, four cameras, 18:9 widescreen, 6.0’’ FHD+ and octa-core CPU in one slim body. Does this powerful DOOGEE BL12000 catch your heart yet?

Watch an unboxing video of BL12000 here: 



Slide Full-screen Concept Phone

Besides BL12000, DOOGEE proposed an unbelievable concept smartphone last month: with a full display in slide cover! Wich possibly will be an ultimate form of the full-screen phone era. For the new design, camera lens, as well as LED light, are going to be built on the bottom cover instead of the screen layer. As the picture showed, this design will realize a real full-screen without any button occupying the display surface, and make the “edge to edge screen” come true.

two revolutionary DOOGEE smartphones

Take a first look at the video of DOOGEE concept phone exposed by a third party:


Two revolutionary DOOGEE smartphones

In conclusion, these two revolutionary DOOGEE smartphones have attracted the high attention of techno poles from the day they are leaked out. BL12000 now is launched, so when will the slide full-screen smartphone? It worth looking forward to.

For more information, you can visit DOOGEE official website: