VKWorld Z3310: Nostalgia made affordable

Is it really better than the original 2017 3310 from Nokia?

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“Imitation is the highest form of flattery”, anyone with any experience in Chinese phones must have heard that sentence before. Usually it’s used to laugh away blatant copycat devices or clones. What however will happen when the actual replica beats the original on several spots? Well then, join me to take a look at VKWorld’s most interesting Z3310 a Nokia 3310 (2017 edition) carbon copy.. Or is it?


When Nokia announced to revamp the 3310 and bring it on the market, it was  clear a lot of copies and clones would see the light of day. And so it happened. They came from companies with illusive names like Samgle (seriously guys? Samgle copying a Nokia? Ripping off 3 companies with one model, that MUST be a new record) and other relatively unknown OEMs. Until there was VKWorld.


Better than the original?

I was surprised at first. Since I’ve known VKWorld for decent , budget smartphones like the G1 with a huge battery life and the T1 Kratos, with a whopping 6 inch screen size. They even announced a version of the bezel less Mix concept at that time, and now they are coming with a Nokia clone?

Thankfully VKWorld provided me with an (orange: Holland’s national colour, good job Ray!) review sample of the VKWorld Z3310. Now keep in mind Nokia was offering a very similar nostalgic looking device with ditto nostalgic specifications for about 70 euro’s at the time. And let’s not kid anyone: nostalgia is pretty much the only reason anyone would get  this phone in my humble opinion.

So now i sat there holding a device with pretty much the same look, a complete Retro Nokia-look and –feel for less than 20 euro’s. Yes you read that right, the VKWorld Z3310 is available for somewhere between 17 and 19 euro’s. And the fun part is, the specs are actually BETTER than the original. And that is why I JUST HAD to write about this device.

Let’s begin with the fact that the VKWorld version has a better screen quality and a higher resolution, then there is the RAM capacity that is 16MB in the Nokia yet 32MB in the VKWorld. Eventhough it’s still not spectacular its twice as much. Then, on the Z3310 there is a 2 megapixel camera on the back instead of a simple VGA as is the case with the Nokia. So also a win there!


Amazing flashlight and great speaker

Again, one doesn’t get this phone to excel in specs, but for nostalgic reasons and that is why I think the extra gimmick VKWorld added to their Z3310 are really great. The device has a build-in FM Radio that doesn’t require headphones to be plugged in, so you can blast the music through one of the biggest and best speakers available for mobile phones at the moment. The other gimmick is the build-in flashlight. No, I’m not talking about the picture flash, there is a REAL flashlight built in the Z3310, and its brightness is bloody amazing, it illuminated my entire 88m2 garden as if it was daylight! And let me remind you, you get all that for less than 20 euro’s.

What else can you expect? A complete Nokia feeling also in the menu and even the ringtone has the unforgettable Nokia Tune, but, is there Snake? Yes! The game looks exactly like in the old days and is just as much fun to play too. If only for playing Snake this phone is worth the buy. Do I sound to positive? Well that’s probably because I’m old and remember the actual 3310 coming out haha. But are there cons? Of course they are, and anyone that is going to pay 70 quid for the Nokia version will get my advice to spend these seven tenners on ANY other Android drive device for more options and smoother use.


But I say it once more: That’s not why we buy this thing, we want it to have, as a collectible, and sheer nostalgia. In that case: Go for the VKWorld device that’s available for less than 20 euro’s and get a lot more value for those 2 tenners. I think it’s a lovely must-have for the true geeks out there, you KNOW who you are 😉


vkworld Z3310