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China’s “hottest” brand goes global: Introducing iLA

And their Chinese brandname Xiaolajiao translates as: Little Pepper

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Yes, you read that right, another Shenzhen based brand “Xiaolajiao” is gearing up to break out of the Chinese borders. Founded in June 2012, Xiaolajiao has brought several phones on the market in mainland China. These were divided in two segments the Xiaolajiao (Little Pepper) series and Honglajiao (Red Pepper) series, like their upcoming models named S11 and V11 that seem to be really interesting devices.


End of year 2015, the Xiaolajiao company launched a new brand for the global market. This is iLA, and that’s the brand name their global devices will carry. The Pepper reference is still there though cause the Chinese word “hot” sounds like LA. iLA has set its first steps on the international market in 2017 attending important and some overseas exhibitions, including: 2017 MWC in Barcelona, 2017MWCA in USA and Gulf Information Technology Exhibition in Dubai, etc.


If we take a quick look online we see they offer their iLA S1 and D1 for the global market on their official website. It’s said they will launch some amazing phones like the iLA X in the near future. And I also hope a global version of the V11 will be available. Since I was impressed by looks and specs so far.


Of course since we have seen many sleek looking phones that reminded us a lot about flagships like the Samsung S8 and the iPhone X we know that looks aren’t everything. You better bring user friendly software and decent hardware along too. Judging from iLA’s confidence that’s something we shouldn’t worry about. I’m looking forward to meet this new brand and share my findings with you. So far it seems like we have a lot to look forward to. After all we’re dealing with China’s HOTTEST company 😉 It ought to be good, right?



iLAMeeting ILA 

We have heared the good news that Xiaolajiao iLA will launch some new phone & electronic products at the MWC 2018  convention with a plan to push the brand to a future growth. So if you are at one of the next global mobile events, find their booth and have a chat with them.


Want to know more details about iLA? Keep tuned on their official Facebook page here: or visit their website at