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Vernee X Specifications and first hands-on

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Vernee is one of the latest smartphone brands that come from China. What’s important regarding this company is the fact they are the absolute leaders when it comes to innovations. The Vernee X is their latest phablet. Which will soon be available to users from all parts of the world. In the lack of a better word, this device is futuristic. Let’s check Vernee X Specifications and first hands-on.

Vernee X Specifications and first hands-on
Vernee X Specifications and first hands-on


Powerful specifications

Straightaway we must start with the impressive specifications this device offers. The processor is MTK6763 Octa Core 2.0GHz, so you can get a clear picture why and how much it is special. If we also add 6GB of RAM, you can truly understand that all apps, games, and multitasking capabilities are at the top end of a scale. In other words, this device is capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding users.


Vernee X Specifications and first hands-on

Four cameras

Another, very important feature of this device is the camera number. Most smartphones of today have 2 or 3 cameras and usually, two of them are rear cameras. Vernee X has 4 cameras. Two of them are located at the back and two are present at the front part of the phablet. What this means is that phablet will always choose the most suitable camera for the desired action. A camera will provide high-quality photos and selfie at all times. At the back, we have 16MP and 5MP cameras, while at the front there are 13MP and 5MP sensors. In addition, all cameras are based on the latest technology and they provide superb quality of the photos and videos.

Vernee X Specifications and first hands-on

All-screen display

The first thing we have noticed regarding this unit and the one you will appreciate is the display. It is a 5.99 inches module with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. Furthermore, the module features 18:9 specifications and it is enlarged for an additional 12.5%. All of this means that users get a supreme photo and video quality when playing games, surfing the web or just messing around with their new smartphone. We should add that surfing the web is truly an impressive experience due to just mentioned facts.

Vernee X Specifications and first hands-on

Sophisticated face ID recognition

The fingerprint sensor, which is already considered as an obsolete safety feature is needed but not essential. Of course, Vernee X comes with this feature as well and it works perfectly. But, we are more interested in face ID recognition system implemented into this device. It takes 0.2 seconds to unlock the phone and it is based on the latest technology. In essence, a smartphone will use several algorithms and tons of data to match your face with the one stored in the database. Only after two faces are matched the smartphone will unlock itself. All of this is completed in 0.2 seconds.

Vernee X Specifications and first hands-on


  • Superb display
  • Processor
  • 6GB of RAM
  • Safe and sophisticated face ID recognition
  • 4 cameras
  • Powerful battery



  • Display isn’t protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Still Unavailable and tested in real-world applications





Conclusion of Vernee X Specifications and first hands-on


The Vernee X is a high-end smartphone at a low price. It is beautifully made, it comes with all the features an average and above the average users will ever need and with a powerful battery. In essence, this device can be compared with the most expensive smartphone of today and it will be better than most of them. This isn’t strange if you know that new brands are trying to get as many users as possible in the early beginning. So they offer premium devices with high-end specifications at a low price. For users, it simply means that this is a safe-buy phablet.