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Maze Alpha X hands-on video

The first OTA updates are there already

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Check out the latest online video brought to us by Maze. This relatively new company brought us three great smartphones already, the Maze Blade, the Alpha, the Comet and now the  Maze Alpha X, which is their obvious answer to all the Mix 2’s that have been swarming the market of chinaphones recently.
Good to see that they chose not to use the same naming as Xiaomi or their competitors. Judging from the video, I think it’s safe to say the user experience is something that’s rather important to Maze. Especially since they already sent an OTA update to the newest owners of this device. According to the company there is also an update available for the regular Maze mobiles.
Maze Alpha X
Now let’s take a closer look at the Alpha X, that has little to nothing in common with the iPhone X except they both carry the X in their name. So what can anyone buying this device expect?  To answer that question let’s dive into the specifications of the Maze Alpha X.

First one will definitely notice about the Alpha X is without any doubt the screen. And that’s obvious! Its 80% screen surface for the 2K 6 inch screen is hard to miss. That is an amazing feature although 2K screens are asking slightly more from the battery.


The Maze Alpha X is powered by the not so recent MediaTek Helio P25 (MT6757CD) that runs on 4x 2.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A53+ 4x 1.6 GHz ARM Cortex-A53. Daily tasks shouldn’t be a problem. Neither should multi-tasking trouble you since you have 6GB RAM at your hands with the Alpha X.  Everything is getting power from a 3900 mAh battery, that should get you through the day. In the camera department we find no dual-camera setup on the back of the device (which I prefer to adding a fake dual camera) but a sensor with a great aperture of f/1.7. Maze claims it to be a 16 megapixel shooter, while other sources claim it’s an interpolated 13 megapixel shooter. Before I had the chance to do an extended camera-test on the device myself however I tend to go with the information we got from Maze. After all, they built the Alpha X, they should know best, right?

Maze Alpha X

So judging by a quick overview and the YouTube video they posted the Alpha X looks like a revamped version of the Maze Alpha, but definitely worth having a look at if a 18:9 full display phone is what you’re looking for. Ofcourse you can always look in the Maze website for more information or their latest news:

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