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Nokia 9 release date confirmed for next 19 January

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Within a month we will be talking about the Nokia 9 as an official device. Nokia 9 release date should be next January 19th. A presentation event is planned for January 19 in China. We will tell you everything that happens there. For now, we have to settle for leaks and rumors that are born on this high-end device. Today we can leave you with a new image of the terminal. Where you can see the front of the terminal in great detail. In it, we can glimpse two key details of the next Nokia terminal for the high-end. If you are interested in a high-end for 2018 and want one that does not cost 1,000 euros. This Nokia 9 could be a very good option. 


Nokia 9 release date
Nokia 9 release date

Throughout 2017 we have seen several devices of the company. But only one belonging to the high range. We have already analyzed the Nokia 8 in depth and we think it is a good bet that it has a very attractive Amazon price. It is cheaper than the other high-end, although its design has been somewhat old-fashioned compared to the LG V30 or the Galaxy Note 8. Today we will see how Nokia wants to get into the 18: 9 screen market.


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The Nokia 9 will have two front cameras and a very used panel

Many have been the leaks we have seen about the Nokia 9 during the last weeks. Now it seems that it will finally become official and we will be able to know all the details in depth. The last image we can see on it shows us its front panel with great detail, where you can see two front sensors located on the upper left. We did not expect this feature of the Nokia 9, but seeing the path that manufacturers are following we would not rule out seeing it in other high-end 2018 as well.



Nokia 9 release date

But what stands out in this image is the 18: 9 screen with reduced bezels. In this case, we do not see a curved panel on both sides. But a completely flat one with quite small margins. This is what many users have requested for the Nokia 8, but that Nokia did not arrive on time. It seems that the company wants to bet heavily on the design in 2018 and will start with its most powerful device.


Nokia 9 release date


Nokia 9 release date


It is expected to arrive with 6 GB of RAM, the Snapdragon 845. Aa QHD + panel of at least 5.7 inches, 4 cameras with a very decent quality. The fingerprint sensor and a worthy high-end construction. We are certainly looking forward to meeting the new Nokia 9. But until January 19 it seems that we can not confirm anything officially. We’ll see if within a couple of weeks we get some more important filtering, in the form of video, for example.


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