Breaking News! New Meizu device officially confirmed!

The Meizu 15 will be available in spring 2018.

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For those who have read my previous review it might not come as a surprise, Meizu is one of the Chinese brands that just can’t be ignored, and I will repeat myself again when it comes to quality in build, sturdiness and design Meizu remains one of my favourite brands.

However in the past year Meizu didn’t come with any real spectacular models or with many interesting innovations. Let’s be honest, even though the Meizu Pro 7 Plus is a flagship without any doubt, it’s not much more than a slightly enhanced version of the Pro 7, just like the M6 is a slightly more enhanced version of last year’s (2016) M5. There have been no real shocking changes in Meizu’s game in 2017. Well none except maybe the M6 Note that did surprise us with a Snapdragon 625 chipset after a quarrel between Qualcomm and Meizu has been resolved. That was not the only new addition to the M6 Note since it’s also the first Meizu device that is released with an actual dual camera setup on the back.We will be showing you how that works out and how that device performs soon, since the M6 Note is in the air, on its way to the Netherlands as we speak.

Anyway, with just one slightly innovative device out there in an entire year, rumours surfaced speculating that maybe Meizu wasn’t up for the competition with brands like Oppo, Xiaomi or Vivo, and then even the rumoured MX7 (the successor for the high-end MX6 of 2016) didn’t show at the end of this year. But dear friends, we can assure you, we have to be anything but worried about the future of Meizu

Yesterday a message reached us, from the Founding Father of Meizu: Mr. Jack Wong. He assured us that Meizu has no intention to stay behind their competition. “We are known for out smooth working Flyme OS, and it if it will take more time to perfect our devices so we can release them to the market without bugs, so be it.” Wong tells us Meizu is working on a dream machine that will be released in spring 2018, the device will be named Meizu15. There will be an enhanced version available too, this will be known as Meizu 15 Plus” Wong explains.

So people, there you have it! Straight from the horses mouth, instead of some shady Chinese blog. Confirmation there actually IS a new Meziu device coming early 2018. Confirmed by no one else than Meizu’s CEO himself!

As to the name itself: Meizu has been founded in 2003, 15 years ago. So as the phone’s name suggests, it will be dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the manufacturer. If we try to ask for other information about the device, like screen size, specifications or anything, Wong obviously dodges our questions. We will have to wait for more company news being released.

However there are some non-confirmed rumours that the new Meizu will sport a 18:9 screen or maybe even a tri-bezel-less design. The latter doesn’t seem realistic considering the fact that Mr. Wong was very clear about it in the press; He’s anything but a fan of the Xiaomi Mi Mix. A 18:9 screen ratio seems the more plausible of the two. We can only ponder what will happen with the mTouch homebutton, that’s a huge part of the Flyme OS advantages on Meizu devices. Could it be that Meizu is winning the race to neighbour Apple and be one of the first companies to actually come out with an IN-SCREEN homebutton/fingerprint scanner ?

As for now we can only speculate, but of course we will keep you posted as soon as new developments will be known. Until then… Have a good one!

Papa Droid