9 simple steps to buy a drone infographic included

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When drones first appeared in the market, picking the best one was a simple task, why? Because there were only a few choices available. Also, these were high-ticket items and the reaches of the so-called multi rotors were limited. That´s why i am writing here 9 simple steps to buy a drone.

9 simple steps to buy a drone infographic included
9 simple steps to buy a drone

That changed in 2010, when the drone industry boomed and lots of options were available to choose from. Suddenly, some low-ticket (and very cool by the way) products appeared and seemed like everyone had the possibility to have a drone. Technology also made a huge step forward, and people from all sorts of industries started using them for landscaping, agriculture, aerial photography, construction, pipes inspection, racing, ocean exploration, extreme sports filming, and many other applications. In today’s world, Aerial Photography From Drone My Business and many others have been revolutionising videography and the way companies present themselves. I’m pretty sure right now you can see how these amazing devices literally changed the way we see and explore the world. Also, millions of jobs around the world were created thanks to the drone industry, since the people designing them, going through the distributors and sellers, until the professionals buying them to perform aerial photography on a wedding, to mention a case.  

It is an exciting time to start with drones

It is in deed an exciting time to start with drones. The market is really becoming super accessible for all types of budgets, and technology reaches are expanding at great speed. The only problem right now, is that not all drones are created equal. And finding the best drones for beginners or the cheapest ones, that still have all the capabilities you need can be a daunting task. That is why today we are presenting 9 simple steps you can follow to buy the best drone for you. And the best of all is that they are simplified in an easy to follow infographic so that you can scan through it and get you in the right direction fast.

9 steps to find the best drone for you!

9 simple steps to buy a drone infographic included
9 simple steps to buy a drone

Summarizing things a little bit…

  1. You should start by having a broad idea of how much you want to spend with this drone of yours.
  2. Deciding what you want to do with it will do almost 80% of your decision.
  3. Depending on where you live, there may be some regulations or rules you need to follow to fly safe. Always fly safe for you and those around you.
  4. Do you want/need a camera on it or not? What resolution? Built in or removable? Ask yourself these questions and find something accordingly.
  5. Flight time is another key factor, and for the most cases, you will need extra batteries, so consider these in your budget.
  6. Don’t forget spare parts, you’ll need them (trust me on this one).
  7. Ready to fly? Almost ready to fly? Or without transmitter because you have a compatible one?
  8. Always find and read reviews from real customers that can be verified. Buy a drone that is highly rated by the public. It is the job of these companies to offer superb quality to their customers and nothing less.
  9. Finalize your budget, compare options if you have more than one and get that which accommodates best to your requirements and budget.   

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