Free data recovery software from EaseUs

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When you discover that you deleted an important file or want to open some document and you can´t? Did this ever happened to you? A week ago i was trying to open an excel file, but first i couldn´t find it. I searched and all i got was 0 results. My 6th sense advised me: maybe you delete it by “accident”. Now what i am going to do to recover it? It wasn´t at recycle bin. So i remembered that i saw somewhere a free data recovery software. I searched a little and found EaseUs.


Free data recovery software from EaseUs
free data recovery software EaseUS Logo


This software is so easy to use. It´s like 3 single steps and you are done. Precisely what i have done. I followed this link for downloading this free data recovery software. After installation i just did their 3 single easy steps: Launch, Scan and Recover. And yes i recovered my excel “accidentaly” lost/deleted.

3 Steps for free data recovery software
3 Steps for free data recovery software


EaseUS Software is a professional data recovery software, backup solution, partition manager and also have other PC utilities.


You can check more information about the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows here:

This recovery software from EaseUS beside the windows version also has a mac data recovery version. For more information about the mac data recovery version you can check this link:


After i succeed with this recovery, i tought to myself: ” What about my photos from 2016 ?!?! ”

I remember that i also deleted some photos thinking they were still at my camera card. But after i delete them i checked at my Camera´s Sd Card and i also had deleted them from card too.


free data recovery software
free data recovery software

Could this EaseUS software help me to do this photo recovery?

YES!!! It was so simple like saying 1,2,3.

Fast and simple, all that we need to do a photo recovery. In seconds i recovered my “lost” photos that i had deleted accidentally.

EaseUs has also 2 paid options where we will have more powerful features: Data Recovery WizardPro and Data Recovery WizardPro + WinPE.

Free data recovery software Reviews

After this success with free data recovery software and photo recovery i was intrigued if this is new or had some years around here. I discovered that this Company has already 13 years of succcess doing this. Also found many great reviews by users:

Free data recovery software from EaseUsMid Wales

Excellent product! I am a school teacher and thought that I had lost over 10 years worth of school work on my external hard disk until I bought this product. Worth every penny. Thank you so much.


Free data recovery software from EaseUsRick Briones

This saved my butt during finals. I had accidentally deleted my ISYE335 final from my USB and it was nowhere to be found. I found this software, tried it and I got my files back. AWESOME!!! I highly recommend it.


Free data recovery software from EaseUsMark Maack

I just bought your software after Best Buy Geek Squad said they couldn’t recover my data off my flash drive. Your recovery software worked great and saved me several weeks of work. Your software is terrific. You saved me.

In conclusion, if you need a good, reliable and fast free data recovery software, you can use EaseUS.