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First DOOGEE BL12000 review video

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DOOGEE may launch new product [eafl id=”2079″ name=”Doogee” text=”Doogee BL12000″] soon. The new member of BL family is another big battery smartphone with an amazing battery volume: 12000mAh. Besides, there are more attractive specs revealed last day in Youtube, and it seems like a reliable model. Today we have a video of DOOGEE BL12000 review.


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Doogee put two 6000mAh batteries in BL12000, making it the biggest battery volume in smartphones for now. There are no specific statistics revealed by DOOGEE showing the durability or standby time of BL12000, we are looking for it. The fast charge in BL12000 has updated to 12V-3A, up to 36W.


DOOGEE BL12000 review
DOOGEE BL12000 review


DOOGEE BL12000 review:




From the video, we can tell that Doogee BL12000 has one more attractive point. An wide-anagle camera was applied in MIX 2 for the first time, and the camera is applied in BL12000, too. There are four cameras in BL12000, two in the front, two in the back. One of the front cameras has 130° wide-angle, which can capture 8-10 people in a picture. The other front camera is upgraded to 16.0MP, bringing clearer selfie pictures in BL12000.



Besides those, the other specs are solid. Finally, BL12000 comes in 6.0” display with 2160*1080 resolution. Last, Up to 4GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM will be enough for daily use.


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