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Nokia 7 leaked images

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Since its return to the manufacture of smartphones, Nokia has not stopped launching devices to the market. Today we see a leaked design of one of its next devices, the Nokia 7. Although unlike normal leaks, are not photographs or renders. Since this time we bring you the design in the form of a sketch. But still, we can see perfectly as will this device. These are the latest Nokia 7 leaked images.


Nokia 7 leaked images
Nokia 7 leaked images


In addition, if we join this sketch to a promotional image of a store. Where it is announced the presentation of a new model of Nokia. We see that it fits perfectly, so we could also be talking about the date of presentation of this Nokia 7. Although it is not necessary to say, that we are facing a leak and as always, we have to get the information with tweezers.


Nokia 7 does not stand out, but that’s not bad

As we can see in the supposed design of this Nokia 7, it does not stand out especially for having an innovative design. On the contrary, it has a very classic design, without opting for almost nonexistent screen edges. Either a strange position of the fingerprint reader . But it is not a bad design, because the frames are not excessively large and appears to be a very comfortable device. It is rumored that it will come with a screen of 5 or of 5’2 inches. A very standardized sizes in the current average range.


Nokia 7 leaked images


On specifications we still do not know anything. But if Nokia continues with its numbering (the higher the number, the more powerful), the Nokia 7 could come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 or 636. Always one step behind the Nokia 8 that we have already analyzed a few weeks here. Probably accompanied by 3 or 4 GB of RAM (we are unbelievable talking about these numbers in mid-range terminals).

What we have seen, is a  teaser of a new Nokia phone in the Tmall store, where we see a camera and a LED flash identical to what we see in the Nokia 7 sketch. Even the ZEISS logo is in the same position. While this makes us think that we are facing the presentation of Nokia 7 on October 19. We see as in the sketch, the Nokia 7 would come with 4 LED flash. While the image only shows 2. In addition, the lack of leaks to a date as close as it is tomorrow, makes us think that is not the phone to present. Although we will be attentive to its evolution.