Xiaomi Mi Box Reviewed in an user perspective

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Today i am writing about a media box that is trending this year. This article is about Xiaomi Mi Box Reviewed in an user perspective. This unit was sent by Gearbest. I agreed reviewed this Xiaomi Mi Box, because it´s a great product. But also to bring my readers the opportunity to buy one at the cheapest price i ever saw. Gearbest created a special coupon code where we can buy this Mi Box for only $66.99. You just have to go to this LINK and then enter the coupon code MTVBIT.



The Package



What will come in the Xiaomi Mi Box:

  • Xiaomi Mi Android TV Box
  • Remote Control
  • Power Adapter
  • Hdmi cable
  • Instructions Manual





I think the design of this box is very stylish, compact and it will easily be blended with any type of furniture.





About the mains specifications, this Mi box runs Android 6.0. It has a Cortex A53 2.0GHz Quad Core. A GPU Mali-450. It also comes with 2GB of Ram and 8GB of Rom. You will have near 5GB of ram free to save your files. Also the type of ram is DDR3.


One of the best features, for me, was the remote command.


This is so simple to use and minimalist, but at same time has it all. It is connected to the box via bluetooth. Even to someone that isn´t familiar with remote commands ( my dad ). This remote is so simple that after 5 minutes he learned how to use it in all menus.


Xiaomi Mi Box Remote control ( batteries aren´t included in the package contents )


After you connect the box you will see in your TV the way you should pair it.

Simple follow what you see in your TV and it will automatically be ready to use.

This remote really surprised me with the voice control. Just speak into the remote control and Mi box will follow what you said. First time i saw this and i was really admired it worked so great. The remote is solid and works even if you point it to other place different that the box is.




The Xiaomi Mi Box is one of the few “Android TV boxes” that actually runs Android TV – Google’s TV-friendly OS.

Android TV’s launcher is attractive, with large titles for apps, links and settings.

There’s nothing pre-installed though you can use the TV-optimized version of the Google Play store to install your apps. To be 100% fair it has the basic apps installed. Like Netflix, Youtube and Google Play store.


I installed the app Kodi and used it for some minutes. Perfect is the conclusion.

Also used the pre-installed Youtube app and i must say my TV never saw such quality images and sound.

For the money i think this box performs extremelly well.


At first sight i was concerned without the ethernet port.

Why Xiaomi didn´t add an ethernet port?

Because the wifi conection is awesome. I tried the box in a room, while the router is at the living room. All went so smoothly i tought it was connected by an ethernet cable. Congrats Xiaomi, again you did very well.



If you want a solid media playback performance, 4K Netflix and integrated voice search. But don´t want to spend much this is the perfect box for you.




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Awesome wifi connection, stylish design, solid remote and cheapest price ever.

Cheapest price using Coupon for Xiaomi Mi Box
Cheapest price using Coupon for Xiaomi Mi Box
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  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Performance
  • Connectivity